The birth of a new baby is such an exciting time of life and with it, comes a mountain of essentials for baby’s comfort and well-being. So often it’s the spare room or a small space within the home that’s converted into a nursery ahead of bubs arrival so that got us thinking; surely we could create a great strategy for converting a room/space into a nursery – a solution that looks great, is multipurpose, streamlined, cost effective and can be re-purposed when bub grows out of the tiny tot stage…

“We were really inspired by the challenge that many first time parents face when they have a new baby on the way. The spare room becomes the new nursery and often this needs to be done on a budget. This solution is perfect for this brief. It’s a flexible design, portable and we like the way it’s kind on Mum & Dad’s back! Then when you move to somewhere bigger to accommodate your growing family all the items within this solution can be reused and re-purposed throughout your home making your overall investment last longer.” – Cathy Player, Howards Expert Organiser.

Designed around the framework of our super durable Howards Steel Garment Rack, this versatile storage system pulls together a selection of Howards new high quality hanging organisers, matching drawers and under bed storage. On wheels and easy to move, its neutral palette is a look that will endure. Note how essentials have been grouped to make them easy to locate, one handed in many instances!

A mix n’ match solution

Start your own hanging solution by choosing a ten shelf Shoe Organiser or six shelf Sweater Organiser.

Now you can add drawers which are a great way to reduce visual clutter.  This hanging organiser range has a fantastic selection of drawers to choose from.  The drawers with built in dividers help to compartmentalise everything from bottles to socks, keeping everything organised.

The Bag & Purse hanging organiser is a visually lovely way to store rolled up wraps, cloth nappies and blankets to complete your solution. Unlike other organisers we have seen like this, the high quality polyester cotton is durable and very easy to clean.

Re-purposed and reused

Consider that babies grow quickly, so from a functionality and cost saving perspective, a temporary solution could be an ideal option. This solution is customisable and can be re-purposed and reused when the time comes…

What may be a ‘wrap’ and ‘blanket’ storer when bub comes home from hospital, could well be a bag/purse organiser in time. Created with seven compartments, this space efficient storer enables easy accessibility and visibility to your favourite accessories. Complete with a wardrobe hanger hook, this storer simply hangs in your wardrobe protecting bags from dust and mildew in between use.

Durable and sturdy, the Howards Under Bed Organiser is perfect for storing blankets, linen and seasonal clothing in the one place. By utilising under-bed space, this product can take the pressure off your wardrobe and linen cupboards. Incredibly strong, this quality polyester/cotton blend organiser is built like a large suitcase, complete with pull handles for easy access. Featuring a zip-closed lid to contain contents, it will also protect contents from dust, moths and damage.

When it’s not storing nappies, the Howards ten Shelf Shoe Organiser is designed to add vertical shoe storage to your wardrobe. It’s a clever way to put your high use shoes in easy reach. Don’t forget to add in a few drawers too, perhaps for socks or accessories. And installation is so easy! Just wrap the velcro ‘hook’ around your rod and you’re done.

Durable and sturdy, the Howards Six Shelf Sweater Organiser features large sections to contain bulky clothing. Maximising vertical space in your wardrobe will reduce clutter so you can find what you’re looking for in no time. So strong, each shelf has a firm shelf liner to prevent bowing. When ready to be re-purposed, use this item to store sweaters, T-Shirts, jumpers and more.

And the drawers…they can be re-purposed any number of ways. From your wardrobe to your campervan, our range of polyester/cotton blend drawers are sure to find a new home within your home when the time is right.

Whether you have a designated room for baby or a corner of a master bedroom assigned as your ‘nursery’, this system provides a versatile, streamlined and flexible solution you can enjoy now and well into the future.

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