The Perfect Towel Guide

As far as life’s little luxuries go, nothing beats a comfy towel after a shower or swim. But a soft, fresh, hygienic towel takes some TLC.

Damp towels and the floor don’t mix

For many of us, (generally thanks to kids!) damp towels are often strewn on the bathroom or bedroom floor and usually end up with a stale, sour smell. Why? Any sweat and body oil that isn’t washed away in the shower will be transferred to your towel. If towels stay wet and are not hung to dry it provides the perfect environment for bacterial growth. While we don’t suggest your towels need to be washed every single day, hanging your towels up straight after use really is the first rule to ensuring your towels are kept in good shape. Come washing day, simply drop your towels straight into the machine instead of having them sit damp, in the laundry hamper, for days on end.

Hint: Use an airer, towel rack or give your towel a quick tumble dry between washes.

Wash your towels regularly

Did you know that fabric softener coats the fibres in your towels, reducing their ability to absorb water?  If you want your towels to last the distance wash your towels in hot water, use minimal detergent and rinse thoroughly. After the wash cycle, shake out your towels and line-dry them in the shade to fluff up the fibres. You can always pop them in the dryer briefly at the end of the drying process.

Hint: Every few washes add a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle. The vinegar will get rid of any excess detergent and it’ll help with your towels absorbency.

Avoid harsh, scratchy towels!

If you choose to tumble-dry your towels, you’re more likely to get a soft finish if you set your dryer to a medium heat. Drying for extended periods on a hot setting will make your towels harsh. Similarly with line drying in the sun; it’s great for short periods and it’s a wonderful way to keep your towels fresh, however, line drying outside in the shade will help extend the life of your wears.

Avoid the iron!

Looking for a good excuse to avoid ironing? We’ve got one! Ironing a towel will make the pile fibres (loops) flat and while this won’t harm your towel, it will certainly curtail that soft, fluffy feel we all know and love.

What about stains?

First and foremost towels do not require dry cleaning. If your towel is stained, act as soon as possible and spot clean the mark with a recommended stain remover remembering not to rub or spread the stain into the fabric.

Howards Top 6 picks for maintaining beautiful towels:

1. Chrome Towel Rack 90cm and 55cm EIC99520/21

Complete with 2 chrome rails, these durable racks not only look great, they will house towels, face clothes and bath mats; perfect in a guest bathroom/bedroom or main bathroom setting.

 2. White three Tier Over The Door Towel Organiser PLT810

Need a little extra bathroom storage? Get those towels off the bathroom floor with an Over The Door Towel Organiser. No drilling or tools required. Simply slip this over the back of your bathroom door and voila! Instant towel storage.

3. EcoZone EcoStain Remover DNE4664

Every household needs a quality, fragrance free, biodegradable multi purpose stain remover.

4. EcoZone Ecoballs DNE4662
Encourage sustainability in your home and save money and water! Replace regular laundry detergents with these 100% hypoallergenic, residue free, antibacterial Ecoballs. They’re reusable for up to 150 washes.

5. EcoZone Dryer Balls Set of two DNE46601
Prefer to dry your towels in the dryer? These scientifically tested dryer balls are proven to noticeably soften fabric and reduce drying time by up to 25% without the introduction of toxic chemicals.

6. 42 Rail Airer with Castors PLT4617

A large, mobile airer with 42 rails across 3 tiers to maximize your drying space. It can be locked flat or dropped down for extra hanging height, also has lockable castors and folds for easy storage. This is a great indoor drying solution for a family.

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