Time is precious, particularly in the morning when you can’t afford to be late for work, school drop off and other early morning activities; so when we started to think about saving time and what tasks had to be completed before leaving the house, breakfast of course, was at the top of the list.

Reducing the steps needed to complete a task is essential and ultimately, saving time at breakfast comes down to one key word: ACCESSIBILITY. So how can we make things more accessible? Enter our Time Saving Breakfast Station:

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By making use of vertical wall space and creating a simple grab-and-go zone filled with breakfast essentials, you not only cut bench-top clutter, you create a one stop system the whole family can independently use! It’s important to note here that while we have used the ever durable, simple to install Easy-Build as the framework for our breakfast station, for those people who don’t have the space to build a freestanding unit a dedicated cupboard will also work; it’s how you stock certain items within that space that determines its efficiency.

A resourceful set up is all about access and speed so with healthy perishables, breakfast items and water bottles in your family’s line of sight, nutritious choices are quick and easy to make; and limit the cleaning up to one centralised zone. What’s more, if the family can get to it on their own it encourages their independence. Just ensure that high access items are positioned front and centre, with equal access for kids and adults to commonly used items.

So how else can we save time in the kitchen? Here are our five top tips:

1.    Pre-make lunches

Make the weeks sandwiches or rolls on a Sunday and freeze them. Remember not to include high water content salad ingredients like lettuce and tomato (they don’t freeze well!) and make sure they’re labelled with the contents and date.

2.    Use caddies to group and easily transfer items

Whether they’re stocked with yoghurt, fruit, breakfast spreads or lunch essentials a caddy such as our Marie Fridge Baskets (available in medium and large sizes) will ensure that items are grouped within your fridge, are easy to find and a cinch to transfer from the fridge to the breakfast counter.

3.    Cook once and eat twice

Save yourself time by cooking a meal for now and a meal for later. Batch cooking is a great way to get ahead for those days you will be busy with sport or are going out and leaving all the work to your partner.

4.    Wash all your produce at once

As soon as you’re home from the shops, take five or ten minutes to wash all your produce before putting it away. You’ll save time when you or your family feels like a juice, a handful of grapes or when you’re packing lunch.

 5.    Create a pick and pack zone in the pantry

Further to the idea of creating an easy to access spot for breakfast cereal, create a pick and pack zone within your pantry filled with recess/morning tea items for the kids. Positioned at their height, they can start to pick and pack components of their school lunches themselves!

What is Easy-Build?

Easy-Build is a free-standing and fully adjustable Chrome shelving system engineered to be flexible enough to be used in any room in the home or workplace. Choose from pre-designed kits or from a wide range of components.

Why Easy-Build?

• Simple to assemble and no tools required

• Available in kits or individual components

• Strong, durable chrome finishes

• Suitable for light commercial use*

• 5 year Warranty

Like to know more about Easy-Build?

If you would like more information about Easy-Build from Howards Storage World, view the Easy-Build section of the Howards’ website hsw.com.au which includes suggested solutions, pre-configured kits, individual components, accessories, assembly instructions and warranty information.


Components and prices may change over time. Some stores may not stock all components however they can usually be ordered. We suggest that you check with your local store prior to commencing your own makeover.

*The Easy-Build storage system is a robust modular system built from quality triple coated chrome. It is ideally suited to in-home and light commercial use (e.g. retail, offices) within reasonable bounds.  Please refer to the Easy-Build warranty online.

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