Top 3 Fixes in the Office for the EOFY

EOFY Tips to organised office

The end of financial year is nigh.

It’s a time to hit the ‘reset’ button on your office, overhaul your systems and get totally organised for the financial year ahead. Lets face it, if you’re organised, you’re less likely to feel frazzled and out of control, and you can reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed. An organised office, where ultimately money comes in and goes out; will relieve the stress of finding your financial papers when tax time comes!

So where to start? We’ve carved our ‘organised office’ into three easy categories…

1 – Implement a Shelving System

We love vertical wall space. Utilising it properly is the quickest and easiest way to achieve organised success in your office. Aside from your desk, your shelving system will be the most frequented spot in the room. It’s where your office ‘zones’ take shape (think fast filing/reference zones, archive zones and technology zones). Whether you’re after a freestanding (Easy Build) or wall mount solution (Neata™ and elfa®), this ‘backbone’ of your office  is where the real organising magic takes shape. Customise your own shelving system or choose from a selection of our predesigned kits such as:

elfa office storage

The elfa Basics Shelf Unit:

Swedish designed and built, elfa shelving is engineered to hang from a single fixed top rack. It can be reconfigured at any time – quickly and simply. To create home office happiness, install a 1.35m top track then add 3 hanging wall bands. Within minutes, you have strong functional shelves.

The Neata Office Shelving Solution:

This custom designed office solution paired with some small organisation products provides a highly functioning yet sophisticated looking home office. The pegboards at eye height create a magnetic zone, for high use items, or important notes that need to be actioned without delay. Archive items are stored at the top of this solution.

Organised aperwork with easy build

Easy-Build Paper Control Custom Unit:

Take control of your paper with this easy to assemble system. Made from triple coated chrome, this unit has an abundance of storage space over five height adjustable shelves that are 120cm wide x 41 cm deep. Complete with castors this unit can be moved if needed; is multi-purpose and a solid freestanding option.

2 – Employ a Filing System

You receive your mail each day. And then what? Where does it go?

If you’ve become accustomed to making piles of paperwork on your desk, in the kitchen or in multiple ‘spots’ within your home, then this is for you!

Consider that when paperwork enters your home; it should either be binned immediately if it serves you no purpose or filed within one of three zones:

  • The Fast Filing Zone
  • The Action Zone
  • The Archive Zone

With your shelving system complete, incorporate a Fast Filing Zone in the high access area of this space.

Consider using a series of Magazine File Holder and assign one per family member. Here is where you can store your child’s artwork and other precious paperwork that doesn’t necessarily require any action, but you simply can’t throw out. To ensure this zone stays under control, go through this paperwork at each turn of the season and clean out this area as you see fit.

Desk file Organiser
desk organiser

Integrate an Action Zone. As the name suggests, these are actionable items. They’re a bill to be paid and paperwork to be filed; “to do” work essentially. The trick to this zone, and indeed all the zones, is to label your folders accordingly. Simplicity and time saved in the office comes from how easy this space is to use.

If folders are clearly labeled, it takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Create an Archive Zone and place paperwork such as bills paid, tax receipts and other items that don’t require everyday handling here. The archive zone should be kept at the top of your shelving system, or the very base of your system if you’re using a floor to ceiling shelving solution.

Archive Zone using Neata

After you set up your new approach, dedicate some time to its upkeep every week because lets face it, even if you create an incredible system, it won’t look after itself.

The key? Immediately discard anything you don’t need!

3 – Get your Tech Sorted

Tech is an intrinsic part of our lives at home, but the cords and accessories that come with it, not to mention the devices themselves, can be tough to integrate into our interiors. As tech takes up more of our lives and office space, it’s important that these remain completely organised. With cords, cables and docking stations to navigate, a few tech organizers will ensure you keep your space streamlined and your devices fully charged and ready to go.


The Powercube is the new and improved ‘power board’, which we’ve all undoubtedly used over the years. This innovative device is the world’s smallest 4-5 multi-socket, is designed to eliminate clutter and with a power rating of 15A/240V and a surge protection rate of 175 joule, is a serious household and office essential. You can opt for the version with USB charging capabilities, or stick to a standard Powercube; and thanks to either a 1.5m cable or 3m-cable (you choose), you can charge your smart phone or tablet in convenient locations. Available in a number of colours.


Free up those outlets and charge everything all in one place! With exponential power, the Sanctuary4 provides enough power to quickly charge up to 4 devices at once, including tablets. Complete with a built in tablet stand and a four USB ports, the Sanctuary 4 has been described as a ‘power nap for your devices’. This charging station is compatible with all phones and tablets, however, some exceptions may apply to older Blackberry models. Recommended for use in living or office spaces, anywhere you want to charge multiple devices at once. Package includes one Sanctuary4 and one Charge & Sync Micro-USB cable. Available in black and white.


Made from flame retardant plastic, simply place your power strips or surge protector inside CableBox there’s no need to unplug anything first – then stow away the surplus cable lengths, close the lid and it’s out of sight and out of mind. Designed with cable outlets on either side of the box, CableBox will fit almost every size power strip with extra space for the cords and adapters. Designed to fit all shapes and sizes of surge protectors and power strips (not included), the Cablebox is complete with rubber feet to prevent it from slipping.


Cable Drop:

Keep your cables and wires in place and easily accessible with our selection of CableDrops. Neat and petite a CableDrop is a little drop that grasps peripheral cables to keep them in place, routed and within reach wherever you may need them. While the ‘mini’ is designed to hold Micro-USB and Apple Lightning connectors (medium to small cables with small connectors), the standard size is designed to hold Thunderbolt and Apple 30-pin connectors (medium to large cables with large connectors) in place. These CableDrops affix to desks, walls and nightstands; simply peel and stick them anywhere you need them. Put an end to the insanity of chasing that cable that seems to slip and disappear behind every flat surface, day after day.

Howards Large Tablet Organiser:

Need a storage solution to help house all the latest digital technology you’re trying to stay up to date with? This large tablet organiser will keep everything in one neat place. So handy, this is an acrylic desktop organiser and charging station in one. A tablet size holder with three smaller digital accessory holders, this product includes side notches to hold cords in place.

large tablet organiser

Implement the above and don’t forget to speak with your financial advisor to confirm whether any of these items are tax deductible!

End of Financial Year office clean up

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