Top 5 Space Creators For Small Homes

If you’re a small-home-dweller you know just how savvy you need to be with storage space in order to make it “work”. You see clutter can be relentless in a small space and the more storage solutions you can find, the calmer (not to mention tidier) your home will be. From the walls to your floor there are secret stash spots everywhere! Don’t let clutter become a stress trigger – make the most of your space and maximise your living area with a few of our handy hints.

Our picks:

1. Look Behind The Door

It’s time to get smart with the space behind a door – you see, it really is prime real estate and our collection of ‘over the door’ products means you don’t have to drill, screw or stick anything to your door in order to create space. From shoe and jewellery organisers right through to ironing boards and additional hooks, our over-the-door solutions will change the way you store items within your bedroom, bathroom, guest room and laundry.

8 Knob Over The Door Satin Hook

Made from quality satin metal, this hook will add a touch of sophistication (and hanging space) instantly. Use to hang scarves, hats, bags or towels.

Easy Hang Over The Door Shoe Organiser

Perfect for storing your favourite flats, this handy organiser creates easy to access storage space and will house up to 10 pairs of shoes.

Howards Over The Door Ironing Board

Skillfully engineered, this board is a handy size and design, will fit over most doors and includes a thick foam cover for a smooth ironing surface.

Madesmart Adjustable Styling Storage

tTis adjustable styling storage is perfect for storing and organising hair styling tools as well as managing unwieldy cords. Featuring two stations for a curling iron/hair straightener and a hair dryer with two cord wraps, this clever helper is made from durable grey plastic and will fit seamlessly into a classic or contemporary setting.

2. Redistribute Your Wardrobe

Have a good look at your wardrobe. How well organised are you? Are there pockets of space which are being underutilised? Ensure you use all your space to optimum effect by incorporating extra hanging space. If you own your own home you might be tempted to drills holes for extra shelves; but by using Howards range of hanging organsiers which simply fit over your existing wardrobe rod, you can completely alleviate the need to get out the toolbox!

wardrobe solutions
Wardrobe Double Hang

Simple and practical, this product features two steel poles with sturdy plastic hooks on the end that hang over your wardrobe rod. These create arms that screw into a horizontal pole to create another layer of hanging space. Perfect for any closet, this product could also be used in the bathroom to double towel hanging space.

Howards 6 Pocket Sweater Organiser

Simple and effective once attached to the rod in your wardrobe it’s ready to be filled! Jumpers, t-shirts and shorts are kept secure by deep pockets and soft material, preventing wear and tear. Smaller items such as socks and underwear can be group together by incorporating Howards Single Drawer Organiser.

3. Create Double Decker Kitchen Storage

Are you using your pantry shelves and kitchen cupboard to full effect? If you can see wasted air space between shelves, consider filling the gaps with of our double decker solutions; take Howards Undershelf Basket for example. The beauty of this product is that it’s so easy to install. Two rods at the top slide the basket underneath any shelf. Made from heavy-duty chrome steel, it’s strong enough to hold tins, jars or fruit/vegetables. Designed to keep air flowing, this basket is perfect for storing all types of food in your pantry. Alternatively, use it in your wardrobe to hold belts, scarves or even shoes!

4. Sleep On It

Underbed storage is a classic hideaway solution. It’s simply one of the best ways to create storage in your bedroom. The trick here is to find an organiser that will enable easy retrieval of your stored items, such as Howards 52L Underbed Roller Box. Perfect for storing shoes, seasonal clothing or linen, this sturdy box with plastic wheels is easy to access and will maximise space right where you need it. This large box features transparent plastic sides and a lid. Alternatively, as its moniker suggests, Howards Easi Store 6 Compartment Shoe Underbed Box with Wheels is great for housing shoes. But more than just a shoebox, consider using one of these to store small toys for your kids! The divided compartments will enable their toy cars to be stored separately from figurines and it will slide neatly under his or her bed.


More picks:

35L Shallow Tubtrug

Built to last, Tubtrugs are made from durable, virtually indestructible plastic. Designed with integrated handles and flexible, deep sides these ‘original flexible tubs’ are easy to clean and available in a range of bright colours and sizes. Food safe, frost resistant, UV ray resistant and incredibly versatile, these tubs will group items and slide neatly under your bed!


Howards Underbed Organiser

Durable and sturdy, the Under Bed Organiser features a large section for storing blankets, linen and seasonal clothing in the one place. A perfect way to utilise under-bed space, this product will take the pressure off your wardrobe and linen cupboards.

Incredibly strong, this quality polyester/cotton blend organiser is built like a large suitcase, complete with pull handles for easy access. Featuring a zip-closed lid to contain contents, it will also protect contents from dust, moths and damage. Alternatively you can use it to store books, DVDs, jumpers or towels.

5. Use Your Walls

There are plenty of vertical surfaces that are begging to be better utilised; and it needn’t be a huge expanse of wall. Very often in small spaces, there’s not room for overly large furniture or lots of extras; so by incorporating a shelving system or a predesigned solution such as one of our Easy-Build kits, your precious square feet can be put to good use. Narrow options are great for small spaces, but really, any customisable solution will help you to get the job done!

The Perch by Urbio Magnetic Modular System is an attractive way to stay organised . Thanks to its modular design it’s easy to add a modern touch to any wall while making use of vertical space. Perfect for organising everything from office supplies to kitchen tools, this set is simple to move, rearrange and customise. Each vessel magnetically attaches to any ferrous metal surface. Mount a single wall plate or fill your wall and get a little creative as you personalise your living space. Available in starter kits as well as individual components, this system is fabulous!

See how this system works!

Our picks:

Elfa Red

Elfa is flexible, durable, completely customisable, easy to install and looks great! Swedish designed and built to last with a 10 year guarantee, Elfa can be used in any room in the home!

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elfa office storage
Elfa Shelving for the laundry


Our versatile pre-designed Easy-Build kits are freestanding, completely adjustable and simple to assemble. Great for storing heavy items, this kit could act as a pantry in your kitchen, house extra towels and baskets in your bathroom or, because it’s freestanding, it could double as a room divider!

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Simple to install and suitable for any room of your home, Howards Neata™ shelving solution is a cost effective way to maximise vertical storage space. Made from high-grade, epoxy bonded steel; this solution comes with a 10-year guarantee. Our Neata™ solutions use a full-length Neata™ top track of 2030cm, which can be cut down to size if required.

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elfa custom pantry

See The Results in Action

Howards had the pleasure of fine-tuning one couple’s small dwelling. Having downsized from a large family home to a smaller apartment, smart storage solutions were essential. See how we did it here.

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