Whether you’re living on campus or in shared accommodation, when it comes to moving out for the first time, space is a precious commodity. So how do you maximise the functionality of tight living quarters?


First and foremost, stop and assess your room and ask yourself how you can creatively maximise every conceivable space. Look vertically and consider how you could use the area on your walls; also consider the space under the bed, over the door and in the wardrobe.


Does your room have a wardrobe? Perhaps you need a little extra space in your kitchenette? Whatever your storage dilemma, consider using an easy-build kit. Classic, durable and easy to assemble, we’ve done all the hard work and created a range of customised storage solutions that’ll have you organised in a flash! Easy-build is also completely customisable so you can create your own solution too.


Take the laundry for instance. If your room allows the space, invest in a double laundry hamper. You can essentially sort your lights from your darks as you go (completely eliminating the “pre-sorting” step in your laundry life cycle). Alternatively, a laundry hamper with handles and drawstring closure is perfect for transporting clothes between your room and the communal laundry. What about the bathroom? Unless you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite, you’re likely to be sharing your bathroom. Keep your hair styling equipment under control and in one easy to access place with the help of the expert Style Station. Transporting your hair care from your room to the shared bathroom becomes simple!


With a new living arrangement, comes new responsibility. Plan your budget and revisit it once a month to ensure you’re on track with your incomings / outgoings. From rent through to food (and not to forget, fun!) being budget conscious and staying in control of your finances allows you the freedom to enjoy your uni years!


Cut it out, pin it, display it. Create an inspiring space within your room and watch the inspiration flow!