War on Waste when Shopping

With Professional Organiser Anita Birges, from Mise en Place, Member of IOPO

It’s easy to be part of the war on waste when shopping with a little planning and the right tools. Anita Birges takes us shopping with Howards Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags, Produce Bags, Wheat Straw Coffee Cups and more.

In addition to be good for the environment, here are some more advantages:

  • Drinking from of your own coffee cup is so much nicer than a disposable one and it keeps your coffee hot longer
  • You can keep your fridge better organised with produce bags
  • Using the BluApple can reduce your food waste significantly as it slows the spoilage
  • Single use shopping bags were prone to breakage (often at the worst times!). Trolley bags are super strong and have great handles.
  • Trolley bags are colour coded to allow you to “presort” your shopping making putting groceries away faster

Watch now and be inspired to make a change today!

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Thank you for learning more about reducing your impact on the environment when shopping!