We talk with Natalie Edel, Personal Stylist from The Stylist Co about ‘caring for your accessories’ 

It’s estimated that the average woman will spend in excess of $120,000 on accessories over her lifetime. What’s more, when it comes to accessories, they’re often one off sentimental items. Essentially investment pieces, caring for these treasures is key to ensuring they last the distance.

We spoke with Personal Stylist and Founder of The Stylist Co., Natalie Edel on why and how we can best store our accessories….

We should store our accessories properly because…

We often spend a fortune on these pieces! We shouldn’t shy away from spending money on solutions to store them properly. It’s crazy to think we are happy to hand over hundreds for a pair of shoes only to throw them in the wardrobe at the end of the day. Compared to buying clothes (as trends change all the time), jewellery and accessories are timeless and they can stand the test of time if we take care of them with effective storage. Jewellery easily tarnishes and shoes are susceptible to mould so protecting and storing these precious pieces is a no brainer!

To store our jewellery we should…

Separate the sentimental pieces from the junk jewellery and cull anything you no longer wear. Anything that didn’t make the cut set aside to sell, donate or pop in the kids dress up box. Quick and easy access is really important. By the time you get to accessorise you’re probably close to running out the door. Personally I use an in-drawer solution similar to the flock lined Howards Jewellery Trays but the transparent Allure range is also great for access and easy visibility. If you’re looking to save space the 48 Pocket Organiser will hang neatly in your wardrobe.

To preserve our handbags we should…

Come up with a grouping system that’s going to work for you. For example, keep your clutches separate from your day bags and similarly your days bags from your evening bags. Keep your high rotation bags protected in a Handbag Holder. This can hang in your wardrobe and hold up to 14 bags. Often when you buy a new bag it comes with a dust bag, which is just a drawer string cotton sack; for long-term storage I would suggest placing bags within their dust bags into an easi-store plastic tub or an underbed storer. Finding the perfect bag for your outfit will become so easy and time efficient and if protected properly your bag is guaranteed to last longer.

We can get the most from our shoes if we…

Use dust bags within bigger boxes or clear shoeboxes. The Clear Store Shoe Drawers are the best. They will stack really easily and protect your shoes from dust and mould. When I buy shoes I keep some of the tissue paper for putting in the heels so they stay stretched out and don’t lose their shape. Similar to your bag storage, group your heels in one spot, your work shoes in another and out of season shoes and ankle boots in a separate easi-store tub. Take care of tall boots. Put them in a long underbed easi-store box with inflatable boot shapers.

Mould is…

Horrendous yet preventable. I always have two damp rids hanging in my closet at all times. During the day I tend to leave my cupboard doors open so fresh air is circulating. It’s amazing how quickly mould spreads and while it’s bad for your clothing it can be terrible for your health. Howards anti mould products are so good to have. You’ll be surprised how quickly they get moisture in them; it doesn’t matter what season, everyone should always have at least one in their cupboard. It’s so important. Test it for yourself and see.

Also if you go out with your beautiful leather handbag and it gets a bit damp or rainy and you pop it in the cupboard or on the ground that moisture will create mould, which will spread and smell – it’s hard to clean off. Prevention is better than cure so if your bag does get a little bit wet, wipe it as soon as you can and get the moisture off.

The top 3 basic accessories every wardrobe needs are…

I love accessories! They are the final touch to your outfit and can say so much about you and your style. Everything from belts to fine jewels, statement rings and cuffs. Bags, all different sizes and colours. You probably have more accessories in your wardrobe than you think; it’s so important to store them properly!

It’s hard to round it down to 3 but here are my favourites;

  1. A fab clutch bag that you can use day or night. Sometimes it’s just nice not to carry absolutely everything around at all times. Go for something classic in beautiful soft leather or mix it up in the warmer months and go for something colourful and embellished. These can be easily stored inside other bigger bags or in their dust bags/boxes.
  2. I have a little hat obsession! A beautiful Panama hat for summer – my favourite is the classic white! Perfect for sun protection and can complete your overall outfit in an instant. In the winter months go for a felt fedora; try a colour for a change instead of black. A beautiful rust or burgundy is my fav. These are perfectly stored on a hat rack or hooks.
  3. Sunglasses! I know everyone has their favourites but I also love to buy a few different styles from my favourite chain store retailers and wear a different pair everyday depending on my mood. I have too many to mention! I store mine in their boxes or little bags or I hang them off my jewellery stand on my dresser.

Any final words of wardrobe and accessories wisdom…

Invest in protecting accessories and other items in your wardrobe, you’ll be so thankful for it. While you’re there get rid of what you don’t use and reorganise your space so you can see everything clearly; from your shoes to your bags, jewellery and hats; it will cut the time in half when you’re getting ready. Think of your wardrobe as a store! Lets not forget how much money we spend! If you added it up, you would be so cross with yourself if you’re not taking care of it.


  • That over time perfumes and salt water will tarnish jewellery.
  • When it comes to clothing, investing in hangers is money well spent!  Get rid of wire hangers – they’ll ruin your clothes!
  • Buy a multiple tiered hanger for your trousers. Use flocked hangers for t-shirts and always fold your knits.
  • Get rid of what you don’t wear – Sometimes less is best. You style better with less because you’re more creative with what you’ve got rather than being overwhelmed by a wardrobe with too many things.


Special thanks to Natalie Edel for her time and advice.

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