What if we told you we had a product that would quite simply revolutionise the way in which you clean your home? What if we said this highly unique cleaning product uses only water to erase stubborn marks? Enter the star of the show, White Magic.

In a day and age where chemical free cleaning is king, this innovative, multi-purpose cleaner quite literally shines. A leader in the Australian and New Zealand cleaning market, White Magic effectively removes stubborn stains from all non-porous surfaces throughout your home or office. “With just water?” we hear you ask. Here’s how –

The White Magic sponge is made from fibres 10,000 times finer than a human hair. This creates millions of surfaces to pick up dirt, stains and grime – which, in turn, makes White Magic more effective than traditional sponges. That’s it. Simple really.

So what can one do with White Magic?

  • Wash down boats
  • Scrub dirty windows
  • Clean down walls
  • Remove tea/coffee stains from mugs
  • Get rid of texta marks from your bench top
  • Use on chrome and stainless steel
  • Clean your floors
  • Remove grime from skirting boards
  • Clean showers/bathrooms

Howards stocks a number of White Magic Products. Look out for:

White Magic King

White Magic Shower Eraser

White Magic Ultra Microfibre Cloth – Glass and Windows

White Magic Household Value Pack

White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop

But don’t take our word for it! Ask for your free White Magic Sponge sample in-store. While stocks last.


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