Why Bon Bon’s?

They’re Christmas Crackers to some and Bon Bons to others but one thing’s for sure, a Christmas table and the feast that ensues is not complete without them. A resounding crack, a coloured paper hat, a first class ‘dad joke’ and a trinket or keepsake signifies “the meal is served”. They’re such a noteworthy part of our Christmas Day and yet where did they come from?

The Bon Bon background

A Londoner, named Tom Smith, created one of Britain’s most enduring traditions in 1847 as a development of his bon-bon sweets, which he sold in a twist of paper. In the same vein as a fortune cookie, the first bon bons were thought to hold a love note for each recipient. Tom Smith’s son, Walter Smith, introduced elements of the modern cracker (such as the keepsake and hat we’re familiar with) as a way to differentiate their product from others that were appearing in the market. 150 years on, the Christmas Bon Bon brings pleasure to all ages and generations across a number of countries.

Our cracker connection with Bear Cottage

Howard’s relationship with Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice has been a longstanding one, with the hospice the company’s charity of choice for the past eleven years. Truth be told, this home away from home for terminally ill children and their families would cease to exist without the kindness of strangers, hardworking volunteers and generous members of the public.

Bear Cottage relies on donations and community support to raise over $2.9million required for the facility to operate annually. Recognising the importance of the work of Bear Cottage, the NSW Government started contributing funds in September 2013 which has given them much needed stress relief!

You can help Howards raise money for Bear Cottage by purchasing our premium Christmas Bon Bons. Howards dedicates all profits from the sale of our Bon Bons to Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice.

They’re available to buy in a pack of six for $14.95. Each bon bon contains a premium trinket, a joke and a paper hat.

Every Christmas table in the country needs a packet of Bon Bons so why not decorate your festive table and support some very special children this Christmas? Imagine the impact our combined donation would have on Bear Cottage and the families they support.

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Five ways to help Bear Cottage

  1. Donate a toy
  2. Volunteer your time
  3. Start quilting
  4. Make a donation
  5. Purchase your Bon Bons from Howards

To learn more about Bear Cottage and the vast number of ways you can make a difference simply visit their website at www.bearcottage.chw.edu.au or call (02) 9976 8300.

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