Wine Storage

Whether you have a handful of bottles to house or you intend to develop your collection over time, our simple wine storage tips are designed to get you thinking about where in your home you should store your favourite drop. Once you’ve decided on the perfect spot, our wine storage solutions will keep your collection safely stored and easy to access.

First things first, when storing your wine consider:

  • Sunlight will prematurely age a bottle of wine so make sure your storage is in a cool, dark, airy space.
  • A consistent temperature is a must have and a higher humidity level helps prevent corks from shrinking. Ideal humidity is between 65-75%.
  • A cupboard in the centre of your house is a great place to store wine. An area like this will keep your bottles at a constant temperature.
  • Wine is best stored on its side. It helps to keep the cork in constant contact with wine, which is essential to keep oxygen at bay.

With that in mind, one big question remains: should you invest in a large wine storage system or something a little smaller? From the modular and customisable, Cellarstack™ System through to our standard 4 Bottle Wine Rack, Howards range of wine storage solutions is diverse and will cater to areas of all shapes and sizes:


Available in Black or Silver, CellarStack™ comes in 15, 35 and 55 pocket modules, which can be joined together as your collection grows. With capacity to be built up to 30 bottles high, this unique system allows for custom assembly and shaping of the rack to make maximum use of the available space, whatever the shape of your room! Contact Howards for your free CellarStack™ measure and quote today.

Chrome Stackable Wine Racks 

Good things come in small packages! Stackable and available in four and six bottle rows, this well designed racking system is ideal for the growing collection. As you invest in more wine, simply add another row.

24 Bottle Wine Stacker 

Looking for quality, durable wine storage? Are you a small to mid-sized wine collector that doesn’t have a huge amount of storage space? Look no further than a multi-level wine storage solution. This black plastic coated wire rack has four rows that hold six 6 bottles each and what’s more it’s stackable! It’s an economical solution ideal for in a cupboard or under the stairs.

Glass Rack 

Like a nicer way to store your wine glasses? Get a little clever and install a chrome glass rack. Made with a strong, durable chrome finish, this space efficient storage solution for wine glasses is available in chrome, black or white, will keep you organised, protect the inside of your glasses from becoming dusty and is simple to install with screws supplied.

Visit us in-store to view our full range of wine storage solutions and accessories. For assistance in sourcing the right cellar solution for your home speak with one of our friendly staff.

Fun Wine Facts:

Once opened wine lasts approximately:

1-2 days for light whites (Riesling) and reds (Pinot noir), sparking and pinks

3-4 days for fuller bodied whites (Chardonnay) and reds (Shiraz) and sweet wines.

Red wine should be served at room temperature, so uncork red wines and decanter an hour before drinking to let your wine develop flavour.

If you want to chill white wine quickly, place your wine bottle in a bucket, half fill the bucket with ice / the other half water and add a good handful of salt to the water. Give it 10 minutes and the water will have dropped more than 10 degrees and chilled your wine accordingly.