Wireware – The Quiet Achievers

So you’re pressed for storage space in your kitchen? Whether it’s your pantry, cupboard, shelves or drawers that are under-performing, Howards extensive range of wireware will give your space structure, improve the efficiency of your problem area and add layers of storage right where you need it.

Before we look at the various wire solutions we have on offer, to get the most from your space, consider this:

  • Reducing airspace between shelves will maximise the efficiency of your pantry
  • From food to crockery, if you can see ‘it’ you will use ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ may be
  • While visibility is important, easy access to your items is just as important.

So with your ‘space efficiency’ lenses firmly on, lets take a closer look at the types of wireware which will make a huge difference to your space.

1. Undershelf Baskets

A small space can go a long way if you’re savvy. Where a large shelf space is being under utilized, create extra storage with an Undershelf Basket. The beauty of this product is that it’s so easy to install. There are no tools needed! Two rods at the top slide the basket underneath any shelf. This clever ditty will store all types of food or containers within your pantry and is designed to keep air flowing.

2. Tiered Shelf Helpers

It’s amazing how many of us have tins and jars of food in the pantry that we simply never use. Most of the time, it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But the primary problem here is food, which then becomes financial waste. A tiered shelf helper not only maximises pantry space, it will boost visibility with three layers of storage. Lightweight yet durable, these handy helpers are the economical way to ensure your storage space stretches that little bit further. Our range of tiered shelf helpers consists of standard and expandable options.

3. Expandable Shelf Helpers

Whether your pantry cupboards and shelves are the standard shelf width or they’ve been custom designed to suit your space, our range of expandable storage will fit! Robustly built, these handy shelves create additional layers of storage, will boost visible space and can be extended/retracted to suit your cupboard or bench space. Additionally, many of these options can be used as two separate units and include rubber feet to protect cabinet surfaces. Lightweight and easy to store, these are incredibly versatile storers and can be used right throughout your home.

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