Mrs Woogs Bathroom Makeover

Have you met Mrs Woogs? She’s the outrageously witty blogger behind She’s a wife, mother and the proud tenant of a family home with one small bathroom. We were thrilled to overhaul Mrs Woogs family bathroom and we recently caught up with her to see just what sort of difference the makeover had made…

Inside the Makeover with Mrs Woogs

HSW:              What did you need this bathroom makeover to achieve?

MRS W:         “It’s such a small space and it’s the only bathroom we have for me, my sons and my husband. Obviously they don’t need a lot of space but I do! Like a lot of people, I’m really time poor in the morning, so it was a fairly open brief in that I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that our bathroom in its current state wasn’t working.”

HSW:              I believe you went through the “stop sort solve” methodology of:

  1. Stop – determine the issue area
  2. Sort – go through everything and make daily use, occasional use and rubbish piles
  3. Solve – using various Howards products

MRS W:         “So what Cathy (Howards Expert Organiser) did was she came and took everything out and we categorized products. I was like “actually I don’t use that” so we talked about what I might use on a daily basis like a hairdryer or brush or moisturizer and we put them in the most accessible places; compared to things I would rarely use like makeup to go out (not your everyday tinted moisturiser).”

HSW:              Did you discover any noteworthy tips from this stage?

MRS W:         “What I found interesting was actually having everything grouped together, like my husband’s shaving gear, is all in the one spot now. We added a shaving mirror into the shower, that’s just been great. He used to get out of the shower to shave then back into the shower. With the (in-shower) shaving mirror, now he just does it all in the shower. It’s so much cleaner and quicker and it’s such a simple thing, it sticks to the wall and it’s antifog. All those little things that came into the bathroom were stylish and practical. They all had dual functions, which was really nice, so the makeover was quite significant.”

HSW:              Did you find you’d accumulated a lot of “stuff” in your bathroom?

MRS W:         “Yes! Dead stuff! Like dead nit stuff! Now I’ve got a parasite basket, for things that are unpleasant but they’ve got to live somewhere. So they live in a little basket under the sink and I can just pull it out for all those grotty things kids have. It’s all in the one spot. The other thing I’ve loved is getting everything off the floor in the shower. Because we’re renting here we didn’t want to spend money on installing a lot of things so by putting the (Everloc) corner baskets in and the soap holder it’s just meant that it’s much easier to dish through bottles when they’re up high and it’s just easier to keep clean. Doesn’t that sound anal? But it’s true!”

HSW:              Did you have any ‘absolutely can’t do without’ requests such as storage for your makeup?

MRS W:         “I really wanted the Aquala Bath Caddy! Because the bathroom has gone from grotty and impractical (you didn’t want to spend much time in there), to welcoming. Now you can put a candle in there, get some music going, pour a glass of wine and jump in the bath, it’s a much nicer place to be.”

HSW:              Tell me about ‘bathroom life’ since the makeover? What effect has that had on your family and you?

MRS W:         “It’s had a positive impact on everyone, definitely. Everything having its own place (has) taught me not to accumulate so much crap and I can see when products are running out now and I can see what needs topping up and it does sound really mundane but it does keep you organised. There’s nothing worse than going, “oh no I’ve run out of soap” – Now I’ve got all the soaps together and when I’m down to the last ones I can just go and get some more.”

HSW:              At Howards we say, if you can see if you’ll use it; has this made a difference in your bathroom space?

MRS W:         “Definitely! I’ve never toned so much in my life! (laughs) Having the toner next to the pads, it’s so trivial when you think about it but once it’s done it’s a process; you’re refining all your processes down. It’s like anything in your house; once you’ve got the processes in place you tend to use it more.”

HSW:              How has this makeover been able to save you time?

MRS W:         “Now I can do my makeup in 60 seconds before I walk out the door, whereas before I’d have to dig around looking for products. It was annoying. I think that having everything in its place has saved me time.”

HSW:              How easy has it been to keep your bathroom organised?

MRS W:         “Ongoing maintenance of the space has been easy. I’m not doubling up on crap I don’t need. I don’t have to do too much with it now; maybe a little rejig on a weekend when I’m brushing my teeth, because I like looking at it now, it’s weird isn’t it? I like looking at it and having it all lined up and that comes back to the fact that I know if I do a little rejig on a Sunday night, that’s going to save me time during the week.”

HSW:              What’s been the biggest learning curve in conducting this makeover?

MRS W:         “Don’t hang onto unnecessary things. The “sort” part of the process really made me look and think “I haven’t used that, it’s a disgusting body oil that someone gave me 10 year ago why is it living with me still and I don’t use it. Evaluating the space, once you work out how it’s going to work best, you realise there’s actually a whole lot of stuff that you don’t need. I thought that was really interesting.”

HSW:              What’s been your favourite product from the makeover?

MRS W:         “I really like how we’ve been able to utilise the dead space in the big deep drawers. Cathy put in Linus Organisers where I can store my makeup and it gives us double the space in those big deep drawers. It’s so clever, I didn’t even realise it was possible. I think that’s the great thing about Howards. They’ve thought of everything.

HSW:              What would you change?

MRS W:         “(silence) No, I’m trying hard to think of something! I could do without the kids skid marks in the loo but that’s not up to Howards, that’s a maintenance thing!”

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