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How amazing does it feel when you’ve organised a ‘problem area’ of your home? There’s nothing quite like stepping back and appreciating all the effort you’ve expended to overhaul a space. Whether it’s a drawer in your kitchen or your entire pantry; the laundry or the (often dreaded) garage – it feels good, it simplifies the way a room functions and it streamlines the way we live. Read more for the Howard’s room makeover.

With Howard’s methodology to STOP, SORT and SOLVE your way to being organised, here’s some tips to get you started.

1. STOP:    Access where your greatest opportunity is and what you are trying to achieve.

2. SORT:   Pull everything out, sort into groups, discard obvious rubbish and think about the priority “keep” items deserve.

then you are ready to:

3. SOLVE:  This is where you put in place a solution that will keep you organised.

At Howards we pride ourselves on our makeovers.

Over the years we’ve helped many individuals and families conquer their clutter and re-purpose areas of their homes. And what we’ve found is that it’s the de-cluttering part of the process where the magic really starts to unfold…

Before: A simple rumpus room with lounge, TV, cupboard and desk. It was difficult to keep toys tidy and the desk was a little small for doing craft. Craft supplies and games were in various containers in the cupboard.

After: We installed a Neata entertainment unit, an Elfa craft station and an Easy-Build lego trolley (to the left of the room not shown). Plus the real living team worked their design magic to make the whole solution on trend.

So often at home we’re bound by our clutter; and while some of us stockpile our stuff for the ‘impending’ garage sale that never quite seems to happen; others have a sentimental or emotional connection that physically prevents them from discarding certain items… But when they do… it’s more liberating than they even imagined.

When it comes to home makeovers, you don’t have to start large!

A quick or small project can be just as rewarding as an overhaul on a larger scale. The hardest part is starting, so to inspire and motivate you, we’ve selected a number of Before and After Makeovers to re-share with you (and we have a few extra hints and tips to offer along the way):

Organise Your Makeup

How much extra makeup, moisturiser and hair care products do you wade through each day to get the the handful of items you really want to use? It’s easy for the makeup drawer or shelf to be compounded with extra ‘stuff’ so as you declutter your makeup, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Do I use this item daily? If so, keep it in the ‘high access’ zone.
  2. Do I have any double ups? Keep extras in a bulk storage zone for when your high use items run out.
  3. Is it expired? Get rid of it! Remember, items like mascara should be thrown out every 4months (for hygiene reasons).

See the full Before and After makeover here.

Budget Pantry Makeover

If you’ve tackled your smaller projects and you’re ready for a step up, why not try a budget pantry makeover. It needn’t cost a fortune to streamline your space and this makeover is testament to that. We used five key products within this makeover and the essential components are:

  1. Marie Storage Baskets
  2. Amalie Pullout Organisers
  3. Mimi Separators
  4. Aamina Easy Access Storers
  5. Shelf Helpers

These products are firm favourites here at Howards; between them, they’ll help you to group certain pantry items, they will ensure it’s easy to see what you’re storing, they maximise space within your pantry, while products like the Aamina Easy Access Storers work to keep your food fresh.

Tween Room Makeover

So your primary school child is growing up and they need a new room to match their ‘maturity’. When the little people in your life are somewhere between 10-12 years of age, the contents of their wardrobes often reflect their transition from the younger years and the natural pull of the teen years ahead. Some time ago we teamed up with the Organised Housewife to overhaul her sons room and gave him a tween space to be rivalled!

Remember, when designing a tween space, it’s important to include items that will give your tween a sense of independence. Every item your tween owns should have an easy-to-retrieve home to call its own.


The Lounge Room Makeover

Let’s face it, the lounge room is intended for lounging in. It’s the place where you can read a book, listen to some music, watch a movie and relax if you will. So what if your lounge room was overrun with office items and other non-lounge room specific bits? Our team was met with that very challenge and overhauled a living room with a little help from Elfa®.


Talk about dividing an conquering! By utilising the vertical wall space, our team was able to create a customised wall of storage and at the same time, clear the floor from trip hazards. Therefore, remember to group similar items within your lounge room makeover. For instance, it’ll ensure the retrieval process is smooth!


The Office Makeover

The office. We can hear the dread! Harness your fears because tackling this space will completely revolutionise the way you run the paperwork within your household.

It’s important to note, that the office makeover could take a bit of time, so schedule time for yourself accordingly. Over the years Neata™, elfa® and Easy Build have all formed the backdrop to various office makeovers. Each shelving system is different yet each has incredible features and benefits and is worth viewing in-store. The tip to creating a streamlined office is to incorporate a paper workflow; because what do you do with mail when it arrives each day? Where do you place bills to pay and other incidental items that just need to be filed? What do you do with your children’s letters and artwork? We have so much paper that enters our homes daily. Moreover, a paper workflow system will ensure you know where to place it.

For a detailed account on how to Tame Your Paperwork click here.


Garage Overhaul

The garage. It’s got to be the pièce de résistance of household organisation doesn’t it? However, we’re not going to sugar coat it, it’s a big job and it’s going to require patience, persistence and a little ruthlessness thrown in. You see, the garage tends to be a dumping ground of sorts for those items you’re not 100% sure what do with; which essentially equates to clutter. If you’re hanging onto old paint tins, memorabilia that you’re never going to use or camping equipment (when you actually don’t camp!), now is the time to sort through and declutter your garage space.

With your remaining items sorted and grouped, much like the office makeover, we advise making use of vertical real estate with one of Howards shelving systems. Whether you opt for elfa® or Easy Build, our shelving systems will help to keep your garage items accessible and the floor space clear for your car!

Our favourite room makeover created some storage in the garage…..with a bit of a difference!

Everybody has one…you know, that space or room in a home that’s the last resting place for all your ‘stuff’. For Life, Love & Hiccups blogger Sonia, it was her garage. Armed with all things Elfa, Howards set out to help Sonia rescue her garage once and for all. The results? Well, see for yourself…

For the full room makeover (and a funny read!!) with Sonia click here.

We LOVE  helping  you make a difference in your home. Come in store, bring some pictures and measurements for the area you want to overhaul and we’ll help you come up with a solution perfect for your space.

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