Bento Box Lunch Ideas

Why take your lunch to work? Well aside from saving money, it’s the healthy option; packing your own lunch will almost always beat the fast food competition when it comes to nutrition – you know exactly what’s going into your body at any one time. It doesn’t mean you need to eat sandwiches each day though; as with dinners, the trick to creating a healthy balanced lunch is to meal plan. Not only will it help you to create a nutritious lunch, a meal plan will streamline your grocery shop too.

So how are we going to fill this treasure trove with goodness each day? Create healthy lunches and snacks that are fun and appetizing with two weeks worth of these easy-to-make combinations…

Bento boxes allow you to get a little creative when planning your lunch, so have a little fun with it and remember:

  • When storing leftovers refrigerate within 2 hours of cooking.
  • Include fruit and veggies – Keep it interesting and combine fruit with yoghurt, and your veggies with hummus or tzatziki.
  • Try and avoid items that are high in salt or flavouring.
  • Keep hydrated throughout the day; water is so important! See all Drink Bottles here

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