Budget Pantry Makeover

When it comes to your pantry, it pays to be organised – in more ways than one; and the best news is it doesn’t have to cost a lot to create a system the whole family can use. So, what if we told you that spending roughly $300 (plus the cost of the Decor Containers) on a pantry overhaul could save you time, money (thanks to no food wastage or food ‘double ups’) and will enable you to utilise your pantry to its maximum capacity? For example, the Howards makeover team took to Lisa and her family’s pantry to do a pantry makeover on a budget… and as you’ll see, small changes can make a big difference. The ultimate budget pantry makeover.


Pantry makeover


Please note –  Trend Vege Tidy is no longer available and has been replaced by Howards Veggie Stacking Basket – White MTG0007.

Firstly, as with all of our makeovers, everything that once was located in the area to be overhauled needs to come out. Therefore, make its way through a culling process and be grouped with similar items.

With the remaining items safely through the culling process and corralled into groups, finding the right caddies and organisers to fit the space became the order of the day!

Remember, when you’re overhauling your pantry grouping your items is just one part of it; grouping these items and placing them in easy to reach, easy to see and easy to transport caddies is just as important. For example, for this makeover we included a combination of the following. If it’s organisation on a budget you’re after, no home should be without these caddies…

Marie Storage Baskets: For instance, this versatile item is perfect for grouping sauce packets in the high access area, as well as vitamins and medicines on the highest shelves. Furthermore, with a clear plastic ventilated design and an integrated handle for easy accessibility, this clever helper is ideal for the pantry, cupboard or fridge. Likewise, available in large and medium, it’s easy to clean and thanks to its easy and safe reach handle, it’s great for storing items up high.

Medium Marie Baskets are perfect for this narrow shelf to store packet mixes

Large Marie Baskets used on the top shelf to group medicines and bandages ect

Marie Baskets are available in Medium and Large

Amalie Pullout Organiser: Available in narrow and wide versions these handy organisers essentially create a drawer on a shelf. With a smart clear plastic construction, two rear wheels which allow easy slide out access, as well as a lip for easy pull and access, the Amalie Pullout Organiser maximises space by utilising the full depth of the shelf. A combination of narrow and wide organisers were used throughout the high access zone.

These Amalie Pull-Out Organisers allow you to maximise the depth of your cupboard

Mimi Separator: Perfect for grouping oils, vinegars and sauces within this pantry solution, Mimi Separators have any number of uses. For example, the high side design with clever integrated handles allows you to make the most of your deep shelf space; while a wide or narrow option, enables you to make the most of the horizontal shelf space too. These were used to maintain order in the high access area of Lisa’s panty.

Mimi Sepatators are perfect for bottles

Aamina Easy Access Storer With Handle, 9.6L: perfect for keeping dry goods such as cereal, rice and pasta fresh within an airtight environment, the Aamina Easy Access Storer was incorporated into a Lisa’s pantry solution to house cereal. For example, these are stackable, capacity calibrated and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, has a clear plastic design makes for easy identification while the handle makes for easy access.

The Aamina Storers are perfect for cereals as they are airtight

Expanding Shelf Organiser: Creating extra rows of tiered storage allows you to utilise the height and width of the shelf. This expanding shelf organiser will adjust to fit the space you have, reduces clutter within a panty and thanks to its stepped design, it’s easy to see exactly what items are lurking up the back of your shelf (which in turn will help you to avoid overstocking your pantry).

Pantry with Marie fridge Baskets

Utilise the entire depth and width of your sheld with a tiered expanding organiser

45 Pack of Kitchen Labels: The piece de resistance when it comes to organisation has to be labels! For instance, knowing exactly what is stored in each caddy will save you ‘rummage’ time when you’re looking for something and help you to maintain order when putting your groceries away.

In conclusion, regardless of how big or small your pantry is, in order to save time, money and make the best use of your space you need to create a solution that provides easy accessibility and good visibility. You see, we can lose so much food to the depths of the pantry simply because we can’t see it, much less access it. Therefore, good quality, transparent caddies and tiered organisers will ensure your food remains handy, tidy and easy to see. At Howards, it’s easy to organise a budget pantry makeover

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