Build a Make-up Station – With Style

  • Build A Make-up Station

  • Build A Make-up Station

  • Build A Make-up Station

  • Build A Make-up Station

  • Build A Make-up Station

If you’ve ever fantasised about having your very own make-up station but thought this was only the domain of movie starlets, think again.

It’s more than possible with a little Howards Know How.

When we were designing this amazing solution, we enlisted the expert advice of Kylie Ryan, a professional Hair & Makeup stylist and owner of Gloss Hair & Makeup. Kylie simply has to be well organised running her own salon as well as styling the stars on television. She openly admits she’s obsessed about good organisation.  We believe this is part of the secret to Kylie’s success!

Central to the solution we created, are the elfa® stand-alone drawers which we teamed up with a custom made bench top from a local kitchen company. The bench top cost us $130 and this is an easy way to match in your organised solution to suit your decorating style as the choices in easy clean laminate are amazing.

The exciting thing about the elfa system is how easy it is to customise your very own solution.  It’s incredibly flexible and versatile.  So to create your own make up station, the simplest solution is to share with the team in store how much space you have and they can help you design your very own custom solution.  

As a general guide, start by thinking about everything you’d love your make-up station to have – a blow-dryer, hair straightener, a selection of cosmetic jewellery, make-up brushes, full make-up collection – see what we mean about endless possibilities? One option is to include all the make-up and everyday accessories you use regularly and then store your other ‘occasional’ bits and pieces, like rhinestone hair clips, scarves and belts, in another drawer.

The point of a make-up station is easy access to the items you use every day – especially when you’re in a hurry. The last thing you want is that tedious ‘rummage-search-frustration-dance’ when you’re rushing to do the school run or make that urgent work meeting across town.

A little thought and imagination at this stage of the process can save you time and, potentially, money when you actually come to design your bespoke make-up station.

Read on for the full interview with Kylie Ryan. We particularly liked her insights about where to store items, how long you should keep makeup and her 3 beauty essentials.

Kylie Ryan

Kylie Ryan

Owner of Gloss Hair and Makeup

Kylie Ryan is just the person to talk to about make-up storage. In fact, organised accessories and makeup is Kylie’s not-so-secret passion. Here’s what the busy professional Hair & Makeup stylist AND mother of two had to say when Howards caught up with her recently.

“We spend a lot of money on our cosmetics, but when it comes to storage, many just throw it all in a drawer and then probably only use a third of it.”

Kylie believes you only need a few simple storage tips to protect your quality make-up, which is ultimately an investment in looking good and feeling even better.

She adds, “When my make-up is organised, it saves me so much precious time and effort. And in terms of hygiene, good make-up storage protects your products from the elements (and little hands)!”

All make-up should be stored in a cool and dark place, preferably away from direct sunlight. It’s the key to a long-lasting make-up collection. And, as Kylie explains, “Keeping your make-up stored away also protects it from unnecessary exposure to bacteria, heat, and moisture.”

Just like perishables in your pantry, some items in your makeup collection actually have a lifespan and can go off after a while. Kylie elaborates, “Mascara has a shelf life of around three months. Exposure to the air dries it out, creating flakes, which can irritate the eye and not work as well.”

Eye shadows, blush and powders also have a limited shelf life, but can last up to two years. Kylie points out that make-up with mineralised and silica-based ingredients can actually become inactive sooner rather than later. “And ‘wet’ products like lipsticks and foundations perform at their best for around a year.”

According to Kylie, the key to keeping your favourite lippy fresher for longer is storage. “Exposure to heat or moisture can make your lipstick sweat. It’s the silicon or the oils in it that start to seep out of your lippy, drying it out.”

When Kylie looked at our concept for a make-up station, the passion she has for her work couldn’t be contained – literally.

“Wow – amazing. Yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Great make-up storage like this is a fantastic way to keep track of what you have ‘in-stock’ and what you need to replenish. And I say it again: what a time-saver. When you have your most commonly used products so easily accessible like this, you can be ready and out the door quicker. Highly recommend it!”

Before Kylie rushed off for another shoot, she filled us in on the top three items no make-up collection should be without.

“That’s easy. You need good quality brushes and sponges. They really do mean the difference between a tacky make-up effort and a professional job. You should also have fixing spray, which can be used before application as a light toner and afterwards to set the products you’ve used. And I also recommend owning a range of foundations, because skin shades change over the seasons, so your make-up should too.”

And as for the challenge of keeping lipstick on your lips and not on your wine glass,

“Making that lippy last all day is never easy! But good preparation can help. First, wipe a face washer over your lips for a gentle exfoliation. Next, apply a good lip primer that acts as a great base and will actually help your lipstick stick! Then use a lip liner over the entire lip. Blot and bite down on a tissue then apply the first coat of lipstick. Next, lightly dab some translucent powder to set the first coat. Now you’re ready for the final coat.”

For added sparkle or to make lips appear fuller, dab a high gloss to the centre of top and bottom lip. Now that’s lip service!