Christmas Checklist: 10 things to do before

Christmas day!

Would you like to enjoy the festive season but it all seems a little overwhelming just thinking about it? We know exactly how you feel. That’s why, being organised with a Christmas checklist can make all the difference to gather your thoughts into a “doable” action plan.

Here are 10 practical things to make sure that time doesn’t run away this year. Work you way through them and totally enjoy number 10!

Merry Organised Christmas to you and your family from all of us here at Howards.

1. Decorate

Start the festive season with a Christmas checklist. Nothing says Christmas more than the lovely smell of a fresh Christmas tree! Smell is subliminal, and the smell of Christmas is personal to each person or family. So add a candle, or something that smells Christmassy that gets you into the Christmas Mood!

Before you know it, you’ll be stringing up some tinsel, hanging a few fairy lights and putting a wreath on your door heralding to the whole neighborhood that Christmas is coming!

2. Make Space – (So you have somewhere to stash presents!)

At Howards we have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to saving space. One of the fastest ways to claim back some much needed cupboard space is with Space Bags. So if you haven’t already stored away your quilts and parkas, then now is the time.  Take advantage of sunny days to clean and dry items before packing them down to one-third of their size with the Space Bag range.

3. Prepare for the guests!

If you’re expecting guests for Christmas, it’s time to restore the spare room to a welcoming state. Ensure your guests have some hanging space,  an over the door hanging organiser or a temporary rack will work a treat as a temporary measure.

Freshen up the bathroom, some fresh accessories can make this space feel fresh, new and welcoming!

4. Clear out the pantry and the Fridge.

Throw out food that’s out of date, anything you don’t recognise and half-eaten items, before you do a big shop for Christmas.  This allows you to see what you have in stock, so you’re not buying things you don’t need.

Room in  the fridge is always at a premium, so if you are entertaining this Christmas day, perhaps plan for some ice and use a tubtrug for the drinks, leaving the fridge for food. and Esky on the day with ice is also great for seafood as it is easily washed out!

5. Stock the pantry for Christmas

Make sure you have ample crackers, chips, soft drinks, wine, beer, treats, napkins, condiments, nuts and mineral water.  Store the tempting items out of sight and reach until the party begins.

This Christmas checklist is great, right?

Top tip

It’s always good to buy a couple of boxes of chocolates when they are on special or have some home made goodies on hand, these treats are great so you can reciprocate those unexpected gifts or as a thank you.

6. Plan your Christmas lunch

Finalise your Christmas menu well in advance, and ensure you have all the recipes and ingredients you’re going to need.

7. Get prepared

Check salad and cake servers, cutting boards, as well as baking and serving dishes.  If anything isn’t up to the task or is looking tired, upgrade! Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve, is perfect for carving a roast and comes in festive red or green or grey.  It’s non-slip and collects juices to go in your gravy.

Setting your table and impressing your guests can be easy with some beautiful serving element. A tapas board will elevate the food and create a spectacular centre piece.

8. Create a time plan

Enjoy your Christmas Day more by taking control of your time.  A plan will ensure that you are serving up at the right time and all the elements come together.

Delegate jobs on the day, you want to be able enjoy the celebration as well. Carry the majority of the load can be exhausting, and frustrating!

9. Clean the barbecue

Double check that your BBQ lighter works, that you have enough coals and the gas bottles have been topped up. There is nothing worse than being unprepared!

10. Relax!

Build in some time for yourself.  You want to make sure that you’re not exhausted come Christmas Day!

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