Décor Match-ups Winner reveals Pantry Makeover

We recently caught up Vicki McKenzie, one of the lucky winners from our Décor Matchups Write and Win Competition and found out just what sort of difference this new system had made to her open pantry.



Before I won the Décor Match-ups system…

“My pantry was cluttered and disorganised. This meant I couldn’t see what I actually had so often I would buy the same products ending up with multiple opened packets.  This caused more clutter and led to waste as products passed their ‘use’ or ‘best by’ dates.”

The Décor Match-ups system has…

“Made a huge difference to how I store my food.  Everything is now stored more efficiently and, of course, hygienically in airtight stackable containers.  Getting things out of their packets or boxes and into stackable containers and grouping them together has actually resulted in using less space overall! The availability of the different sized containers up to 8 litres has solved all my pantry needs save for the bulk products I buy such as dog food kibble (13 kg bags) and chicken feed (20 kg bags).  I use the large Match-up 8 litre containers and refill as needed for those.”

The containers are…

DCR-DECOR-REALSEAL-MATCHUPS-ALL-GROUP“Easy to use! The colour-coordinated lids simplify that process!  I don’t know how much time I have spent in the past looking for a lid for a container!  Opening and closing them is easy too.  There are other products on the market that are far from easy to open and close.  I especially like that with the Match-ups I can see at a glance what products I am running low on.  Having the measurements printed on the containers in colour is a great idea too – so much easier to see!”

My friends have seen my new and improved pantry and are…

“Very impressed!  I would recommend Match-ups to anyone needing or wanting to have a more efficient pantry system. They look fabulous stacked on top of each other and that’s an important consideration when you have an open pantry like I do. Even when not in use, they stack inside each other and the same sized lids match their coloured bases, they are space savers.  Not only are they great looking containers for storage but versatile containers for use in the fridge, freezer and microwave.”

To overhaul the pantry it took…

“Around three hours (thanks to Ashleigh, Karina and Michael). Having an organised pantry makes finding things a dream.  The Décor Match-ups being clear allows me an instant view of what I’m running low on.  So there’s no more waste!  Before the makeover I had multiples of the same products sitting on crowded shelves held shut with pegs!  In the back of my mind I knew this was less than good.  Food deteriorates more rapidly if not kept sealed properly and then there is the potential for invasion!!  It’s not just weevils but thinking about the day to day dust that builds up and also having pets means pet hair and dander!”

The final word…

“I love my new pantry – it’s no longer an ugly part of the kitchen!  The stackable Décor products provide a stylish storage solution. Thanks so much Howard’s Storage World and Décor!”

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Special thanks must go to Vicki McKenzie and the Decor Team.

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