Family Friendly laundry

In many households it’s safe to say that everyday is laundry day so by simplifying the process and incorporating a few family friendly strategies, you’re guaranteed to win back lots of time. So, push up your sleeves and get ready to divide and conquer! There are going to be a few time-saving changes made to your laundry workflow today… the art of laundry sorting!

Pre-sort as you go!

Suffice it to say, pre-sorting as you go is a resolute way to reclaim time in the laundry. For instance, divided hampers provide an opportunity to pre-sort whites and lights from darks and delicates. However, it’s not a hard task so get the kids involved in sorting their own laundry and you’ll save even more time! Consider though, that new garments can bleed and stain other clothing so keep these items separate for their first wash and use cool or cold water.

Delegate laundry chores

Depending on the age of your family members, delegate laundry chores. Everyone who is able to help out with his or her part of the laundry process should be called upon to do so! For example, primary school aged children can presort their dirty clothes and possibly pack away clothes that have been washed, dried and folded. Moreover, for older kids and all adults, assign a distribution basket or hamper to each person; have them pre-sort their clothes, take them to the laundry and help out with folding / distributing clean clothing. Think about how much each child can reasonably contribute and be clear when establishing your expectations.

Know your laundry symbols

In order to keep laundry as effortless as possible we’ve created a simple laundry symbols chart to help you to avoid pitfalls like shrinking your favourite top and increase windfalls such as creating the softest bed sheets possible!

Wash it properly the first time

Save time by removing stains correctly the first time. Therefore, if you treat stains before you do your washing, you won’t get any nasty surprises after they finish drying. A lot of wasted time in laundries comes down to a disorganised space. For example, where clothes have to be re-washed several times to try and remove stains or other problems caused by inappropriate washing. We love Shannon Lush’s recipes for stain removal and highly recommend her Spotless books.


Timing is everything. Therefore, pop a load of washing on before you head out to do the school run, dry it in the dryer while you’re attending to dinner and fold it while you’re catching up on phone calls. Folding clothes while warm will reduce the need for ironing. The best way to ensure that laundry doesn’t eat away at large portions of your time is to multi-task!

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Other Quick Tips for your Laundry

  • Keep dry cleaning in a designated spot away from the laundry to avoid confusion
  • Clean your washing machine and dryer every few months to ensure they’re working at capacity and not marking clothes
  • Using the dryer? Do lightweight quick drying items first in their own load and remember to empty the lint filter for safer, more efficient drying
  • Look after delicate’s with mesh bags during washing
  • Cold water limits dark/bright colors from running
  • Warm water works best with whites and lights

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