Do you give your shoes the love they deserve?

By Professional Organiser Susanne Thiebe

Are you treating your shoes with respect? Do you claim to love and not be able to part with them – but then just shove them in the bottom of a cupboard one on top of the other? Do you have sentimental shoes you know you will never wear? Are you possibly a serious collector of trainers/runners/ jogging shoes? Whatever the answer, you might benefit from putting some thought into the how of shoe storage.


Decide on a shoe area to declutter  (you don’t have to do all shoes at once, just start with one area).

Take everything out, because leaving all shoes in their place and just picking the ‘go’ ones will potentially create a negative emotion every time you make that decision.

If they are all out and you just put the ones back that you love and will wear, it is a positive emotion.

You can then deal with the rest in a bulk decision. You will get rid of 30% more this way!


This is where possibly some ‘organising infrastructure’ is necessary.

‘Organising Infrastructure’ are those items that are necessary to be able to organise items in your home – like shelves, boxes and dividers.

Shoe Organising Ideas

Use the space in a wardrobe under an underutilised hanging rod – This is often an unused space that can be easily turned into shoe storage.

Measure the space and add a ready-made bookshelf or shoe rack.

Use see through shoe boxes that stack and are accessible from the front are also a great idea. You wont have to pull all boxes out to get to the bottom pair.

Be honest and ask yourself: do you just like the idea and the look of this solution, or are you actually going to use it??



Boots can be stored upright. If you worry about ‘the flop’ just insert a boot saver or Boot clips or even a cut up pool noodle to keep them straight.

Store where you use them

This may not necessarily be in your wardrobe. Get creative and think outside of thebox if your current solution is not working.

Try perhaps a big basket by the front door. This might not sound like the obvious – and potentially isn’t the most tidy and pretty – but bear with me. If you have 6 children and all their shoes are in a big basket by the front door –nowhere else in the house – you can be very proud of your efforts. They are where they get used and you don’t always fall over them or can’t find them.

Shoe Shelves


There are a multitude of shelf solutions for shoe storage – some better than others, but as always, it has to suit your organising style and your home.

The shelf would need to be deep enough to store them perpendicular to the wall or parallel when storing in a narrow corridor. You can also get special shoe cupboards; these are closed cupboard that open ‘flaps’ where you can slide your shoes in store them upright,  again saving space in tight spaces. These can also be added into an existing wardrobe.

Wire shoe shelves/racks are great for flat shoes but don’t suit heels as they can fall through.

Wall hanging

My mum sewed a hanging shoe holder out of very nice 1960 curtain material – we even had them in a hut in Switzerland and I take a similar solution camping.

With all this in mind, why not combine a couple of solutions?  You could have the everyday shoes and (stinky) runners on a front porch near the entrance. Store your beloved high heels in see through special shoe boxes.

And do change them over between summer and winter if space is a premium. Boots take up a lot of space and nobody in Australia needs them in Summer!

Susanne Thiebe is a Professional Organiser and founder of Less Mess, based in Sydney. Susanne is also a Professional Member  IOPO – Institute of Professional Organisers.

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