Dream Wardrobe with elfa

Creating your Dream Wardrobe with Howards is easy!

Howards have two shelving systems that are ideal for creating your dream wardrobe that are flexible, durable and a pleasure to use. All it takes is a few simple steps to make your dream a reality. We call this approach STOP, SORT and SOLVE.


  • Don’t touch a thing! Step back and consider what your opportunities are, ask yourself what’s not working and what you really desire. This way you can create a clear objective of what you are trying to achieve


  • Time to get stuck in and pull EVERYTHING out. You’ll discover all sorts of things hiding away in your wardrobe you probably haven’t seen for years! On that point, if you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months, you probably don’t need it.
  • Be ruthless! Sort into “Keep”, “Donate”, “Repair” and “Discard” piles.
  • Put like clothing together into groups as they need a different amount of room to be stored (eg long dresses need long hang, shirts need short hang).
  • Take a rough inventory so you know what needs to be stored (eg 20% shirts, 10% sweaters etc).


  • This is where Howards can really come to your rescue no mater what your budget.
  • If you are after the BIG fix, put in a whole new super efficient elfa shelving system.
  • Or is a smaller solution is more in order, new hangers can make the world of different.
  • The trick here is to put in a “system” that will help you keep control of your space.
  • Simply ask the team in-store for advice (it helps to have your inventory, photos and measurements)

So if you’re thinking about creating a wardrobe that reflects who you are, Howards can absolutely help.

If you’ve got something, anything, in mind – we can create it – there are no limits when it comes to creating your perfect space, particularly when Elfa is involved. And for those who know they want something luxe but just don’t know how to design it, we offer all of our customers a free personalised wardrobe design session in-store.

Why being Organised is so Important

We understand the importance of ‘organisation’; when you’re organised, free from clutter, and able to find and easily access your treasured items, you essentially clear yourself from emotional clutter. You see, there’s a certain freedom in having a place for everything and everything in its place; and never a truer word was said than with your wardrobe.

With your clothes, shoes and accessories visible and in order, life really, becomes a little easier. Of course there’s the whole ‘getting ready’ side of things, which naturally becomes a cinch when you can see what you’ve got to work with.

Very simply, you’ll save time everyday and you’ll be happier!

With elfa, everything can be organised


There are so many reasons to love elfa It’s customisable, flexible enough to be used within any room of the house, durable, engineered to last the distance, has a 10 year guarantee, is Swedish designed and made; and just so easy to install and use. We really can’t fault elfa.

You see, everyone’s needs are different and if you want a system that can evolve with you with many different specialty components, a flexible and versatile solution is essential. Whether your collection of clothes is large or small, elfa is flexible; today’s wardrobe can be reconfigured to tomorrow’s nursery or office.

Elfa is easy to install:
  1. Classic Elfa is hung on the wall from a safety top track. Add hanging wall bands and you are ready to create customised storage with components.
  1. Next click on your brackets and shelves. So simple to install, within minutes your system will start to take shape and is almost complete. Shelves can easily be re-positioned too.
  1. This is the exciting part! Far from a basic shelving system, Elfa has a vast range of accessories to help you customise your storage.

Find out more about Elfa HERE

There’s so much to consider when designing the internal workings of a wardrobe.
If you need help with the planning part of the process, Howards offer a free elfa design, measure and quote service.


The Finishing Touches

With your wardrobe shelving taken care of, improve the capacity and functionality of your newly acquired space with some clever storage accessories. Ask yourself what additional things you would like to store and what is the best way to store them. eg Do you need to store handbags, jewellery etc.

Adding some totes not only provides hidden storage but can also add colour and warmth to the space. See our range of totes HERE.

We spend a lot of money on our clothes, so using the best hanger for the job will protect your investments. A quality hanger will not only support your clothes and keep them in shape, they will also maximise your wardrobe space. See our range of hangers HERE.

Everything is just better when you’re organised. With an ordered wardrobe, items become visible and accessible, and life becomes that little bit simpler.

When you create a Dream Wardrobe, you can create a solution specifically customised for YOU.

Love shoes? No worries, dedicate an entire wall to your collection, it will make you smile everytime you see your beautiful display!

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