eclutter Declutter

We receive emails day in and day out and while there’s no physical paper trail to file, the build up of virtual junk / clutter can have an equally stressful impact on our lives. So how do we declutter our e-clutter? Simply follow the checklist and get the most out of your digital devices…

So you’re digital device is in shape. Wondering what Howard’s devices can help keep you and your desk space organised? We can’t live without:

USB Hub Man [IDS001]

USB Hub Man is the perfect device to increase the number of USB ports on your computer. It’s highspeed 4 port hub allows you to connect up to four USB devices into the one computer port.

To install, simply ‘plug in’ and it connects, it’s that easy.

The Bobino [IDS1501] – tie up rogue computer cables!

The Bobino transforms those knotted, confusing balls of cord into colour-coded convenience.

Designate a colour to each family member so you can grab your neatly wrapped, easily distinguished, phone charger hassle free from the kitchen drawer.

Use the large size Bobino to tie up rogue computer cables under your work desk, and use the medium sized Bobino in your car for your phone, ipod and GPS.cords will be wrapped up effectively without turning into huge balls of cable.

TabCoosh [IDS3114] – organise your earphone cables and USB charging cords.

In the modern digital age TabCoosh is the perfect storage organisational companion for anyone with an iPad. Window frame that you slide your iPad into, making it safe and secure. Suitable for iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3. Pocket underneath the window to store your headphones. It enables you to comfortably use your iPad anywhere, anytime.

Boris [IDS390]

Boris is perfect for keeping your desk neat and tidy while your mobile charges.

Sticky Gel Mats [SGM001]

A convenient sticky surface for your phone or blue-tooth.

Our Sticky Gel Mats are made from a new Gel material that will stick to any clean non-porous surface.

Simply position the mat on your car dash, boat dash, or other convenient surface and your phone or blue-tooth device will remain stuck to it’s ‘sticky’ surface until you want to remove it.

GridIt [ZYL080]

Hold your digital devices and personal effects in place! A unique weave of rubberised elastic bands made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place.

Designed to provide endless configurations of objects, digital devices and personal effects.

GRID-IT!™ is as versatile as life itself!