Empowering Kids To Be Organised

By Bee Pope of Bee Organised

Bee Pope is a mother of three children under 6, including twins. Bee has been a teacher and a caterer but is now a Professional Organiser, ‘Giving Busy Families the Gift of Time’. With running a business, a household and taming three young children, let alone looking after herself and her relationships, it’s fair to say, she understands busy. The best part though is she is always making it fun. Read below for getting the kids to be more organised.

As parents we want the best for our kids and for them to grow to be the best versions of themselves. A good education is also important but this is not just limited to the classroom. There are so many learning opportunities within the family home that get overlooked as we are so time poor, we are overwhelmed by our list of things to do and we are simply just exhausted. If it’s ever suggested that the kids could help, you may often hear yourself think or even say, “It’s quicker if I just do it myself”, and “I’ll just have to redo it all anyway”.

To be empowered is to be ‘given the power to do something.’

Firstly, empowering your child to take on positively enforced roles and responsibilities within the home is so powerful in more ways than one. Furthermore, empowered children (and adults for that matter) will grow to be more confident, develop better decision-making and problem-solving skills, feel motivated, energised, capable, valued, have a sense of responsibility, work better in a team and be more determined to succeed. What better outcomes could you want for your child?

Therefore, as parents, how do we empower our kids to be organised in the best way possible?


    Organisation is key in a busy household. It will reduce stress and overwhelm, create better healthy habits, increase productivity, save you money, allow more quality family time and set a good example for your kids. However, if this feels like a challenge, keep this in mind, “You need to make time to create time”. It may start with hiring a Professional Organiser to get you started and find solutions that work for you.


    A word you will hear me say a lot in our home and in homes of the families that I work with is, ‘Team’. Perfectly put as Together Everyone Achieves More! Yes, this means allowing your children to be involved in helping around the house. Furthermore, where appropriate, let your kids take control! You set the boundaries then let them make the choices within those limits.


    My kids love to help put clothes in the washing machine and press the buttons with me. Yes, I could just do it and its done, but firstly, listen. They are asking if they can help. That extra minute got me so much further than just ‘throwing a load on’. I am able to connect, communicate, bond, mentor, teach and empower my child to work with me and as a team. It’s that connection, attention and quality time that they crave and what we desire. Unfortunately, opportunities like this are missed in the busyness of our schedules.


    We need to ‘Mirror’ skills and behaviours. Cooking a meal together and showing them some simple tricks and techniques can do so much for them. Furthermore, depending on their age and developmental capabilities, allowing the kids to be involved and ‘working with you’ and as a ‘team’ is empowering for you as a parent too. Don’t forget to have fun!


    ‘Encouragement’ is another empowering factor that we need to practice more. The language that we use and the challenges that we present our kids have great effects on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


    If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t suck properly then you are unlikely to want to use it. If your pantry is disorganised, you are less inspired to create amazing meals. If you don’t have effective storage systems then where are we meant to put all of our ‘stuff’?

So, with all of that in mind, what jobs could you delegate and get your kids involved with, what are the right tools for the job and what are some activities that you can empower your kids to be organised with? Here are a few examples:

Arts and Crafts Station

Get a small enclosed bin for this space. Disposal is an important part of a clean and neat work space and a task that many kids (and adults) struggle with

Lunch Boxes and Bags

Get the kids involved in making their own healthy snacks with you (batch cooking muffins, biscuits, muesli bars etc.) plus crafting their own sandwiches, and have them pack their own lunchboxes the night before. Firstly, they will then simply put an ice brick in the bag and run out the door rather than scrambling for food and making poor food choices. Furthermore, I highly recommend a stylish personal lunch cooler bag. For instance, this one featured can fold down and be stored in the freezer and stays cold for 10 hours. For example, simply throw your lunch in and go. Easiest way to get the kids to be more organised.

To store your snacks and sandwiches, plus reduce the amount of plastic wrap that we consume, I suggest Lunch Pockets or a Fuel Sandwich Box.

Toy Storage

Containers are a must. Finally, they simply ‘contain’ your items and keep like with like. There are a number of ways you can utilise containers and storage solutions. Moreover, the idea is to have “A place for everything, and everything in its place”. Furthermore, apply the rule of, “One container out to play, and when you are finished, pack it away!”

A handy timer is always a great tool in this space for making pack away time fun and efficient. We love having races and allocated times to clean up. Everybody wins!


If you want to make the job of folding their own clothes easier and fun then a clothes folder can be the next item on their present list. If the job is a boring one, make it fun! Likewise, it’s the perfect way for getting the kids organised.

If the sock monster lives in your house and eats only one sock from each pair, then try the mini portable clothes dryer to simply peg your socks up and when you find a matching pair, fold them together and remove them from the peg. Wha-la! My kids love playing ‘matchy-matchy’.

When you are modelling positive organisational skills and habits within your home, you are showing your kids that you are an empowered parent. With simple systems and routines in place, your kids will follow along and practice these skills with your guidance and empower them to be more organised with skills that will last a lifetime.

Bee Pope is queen of Decluttering and Organising, owner and director of Bee Organised in Perth, WA and a member of IOPO (The Institute of Professional Organisers)

You will find Bee and her team working with busy professionals and families to bring balance to business, family, and your home so you can focus on the more important things in life. Bee is very passionate, driven and the queen of fun. She never judges and always makes you feel comfortable in her presence, like a good friend.

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