Elfa Office Make Over

From this…

To this!

David and Heidi needed to reclaim control of their office. Over the years, this one-time work space had become the last resting place for various household bits and pieces. So armed with elfa® it was the Howards Catalogue Team to the rescue.

Why elfa you ask? Well, it ticks all the boxes. It’s completely customisable, comes with a 10-year guarantee, a range of different finishes and it’s simple to install. What’s more it maximises the vertical space on your walls, creates space for all your office essentials and it is a solid framework from which to build out your office ‘zones’.

The entire office overhaul took just two days. Heidi and David couldn’t be happier with the result and now have a vested interest in keeping their office clutter free and fully functional. “Thanks to Howards we’ve got the foundations right, everything has its place and when we bring new documentation into the room it already has a home created, so it’s easy to put it where it belongs. Because we know and feel how lovely it is here in the office we want to maintain the way it feels,” says Heidi.

Like what you see?

Here’s how we achieved this remarkable makeover in just two short days:

  • Step 1 - STOP:

    By asking the big questions about what David & Heidi really wanted to achieve, it was clear that they wanted to turn this back into a study exclusively for David.

    So,  the brief became clear:

    – Heidi’s craft business bits and pieces needed to move to the new craft studio in the garage
    – A new office system needed to be created for David

  • Step 2 – SORT:

    It took David & Heidi a day to sort through everything that was removed from the room. They found that when they actually got to see everything laid out, it was easy to cull about 2/3 of what was being stored in the room.

    Unwanted items were sorted into 2 piles being “Donate” and “Tip”. Importantly these 2 piles were dealt with straight away, rather than allowing them to be reincorporated as clutter.

  • Step 3 – SOLVE:

    This is the stage where Howards comes to the rescue with smart storage solutions to suite your space and lifestyle.

    After the room was repainted to freshen it up, it took only an hour to install the elfa solution starting with the top hang track. This is the only part that actually attaches to the wall which makes it very easy to install.

    Then over the rest of the day, only what was needed was brought back into the room. Organisers such as Faux Leather file holders were used to keep groups of items neatly together and easy to identify.

    Mesh Office Organisers were also included to add a more modern feel and we particularly liked the inclusion of the Mesh

    Magazine Shelf that was mounted onto the wall to hold David’s rolled up plans.

    Heidi managed to recycle an old coffee table (with sentimental importance to David), creating a lovely reading corner with a new comfortable arm chair. She also hung on the wall amazing pictures taken by David which were previously being stored.

Like to know more?

If you would like more information about elfa from Howards Storage World, view the elfa section of the Howards website which includes picture galleries, planning guides and more resources such as installation videos at www.hsw.com.au.

Click here to read about what David and Heidi had to say about their makeover.


Many thanks to Heidi and David for allowing us to share with you the story of their remarkable makeover.

Makeover done by the Howards Storage World Catalogue Team.

© 2013 Howards Storage World Pty Ltd

Fact Sheet accurate as at December 2013.

Components and prices may change over time. Some stores may not stock all components however they can usually be ordered. We suggest that you check with your local store prior to commencing your own makeover.