Fridge Makeover “A Little Delightful”

We recently teamed up with A Little Delightful blogger and Howards Ambassador Bianca to makeover her fridge. Truth be told, pre-makeover, Bianca was fairly well organised; but with a growing family (baby #3’s arrival was imminent at the time of makeover!) Bianca was looking for a solution that would help maximise her limited time, save her money, keep items fresher for longer and utilise the space in her fridge to its upmost efficiency.

So we sent in Howard’s resident Organisation Expert, Cathy Player, with a plan to Stop, Sort and Solve Bianca’s fridge in the space of an hour.

So when we STOPPED to assess the challenges, the big issues were:

Challenge #1 – Lack of space

Bianca shops fortnightly and the fridge simply wasn’t holding up its side of the bargain.

Challenge #2 – Losing food to the depths of the fridge

Like so many of us, Bianca was wasting food/money simply because she couldn’t easily access (or see) food at the back of her shelves.

The Plan: Rearrange a few of the existing baskets and include a few extra easy-to-access caddies that would maximise the full depth of the fridge. But before that, we had to hit the SORTING stage.

Step 1: Sort foods into “keep or throw away” groups.

We encouraged Bianca to pull everything out, sort into groups and prioritise which items needed the most accessibility.  She proceeded to group items into categories such as “Condiments”, “Breakfast Items”, “Dressings”, “Diary”; and while all the food was out of the fridge, she gave it a thorough clean inside and out.

Step 2: Rearrange the existing caddies to maximise their functionality

And with this, “Cooking Sauces” and “Breakfast Items” moved from the door of the fridge and found a new home on the top shelf. Come breakfast time, Bianca (in one swift movement!) can have all of their caddied breakfast essentials on the table. Similarly, when she’s cooking, the Cooking Sauces caddy is moved to the bench top in an instant.

On the Top Shelf sits: 2 x Rubbermaid Organisers and 3 x Marie Storage Baskets

Step 3: Incorporate three nifty Amalie Pull Out Organisers onto the second shelf.

Having healthy snacks in an easy to reach place will empower kids to start helping themselves to “good/everyday” foods and this is where Bianca stores her children’s lunchboxes, poppers/yogurts and other child friendly snacks.  These caddies make access to items at the back of the fridge a cinch and have relieved Bianca from finding spoilt food in the depths of the fridge! What’s more, having everything easily accessible and grouped together has saved her time while packing lunches of a morning.

Bianca’s three Amalie Pull Out Organisers hold:

  1. Kids items
  2. Dairy items
  3. Salad/Lettuce items

Step 4: Extend Bianca’s use of Tellfresh containers to create a shelf filled with pre-washed, chopped veggies (great for lunchboxes, hungry children at snack time and dinner/veggie preparation.)

And what did Bianca think of her fridge makeover?

“I’m amazed at the difference. Having access to the back of the fridge with the pull out organisers means nothing gets lost in the abyss behind other food anymore. The other great thing about having everything in baskets, pull out organisers or containers is that pulling everything out takes no time all, so getting in there to give the shelves a good wipe is an even quicker job!”

I think that’s what they call, mission complete!

Do you have a storage challenge? Bring your sketches in-store and let one of our organisational experts help.

For a detailed account of Bianca’s fridge makeover, go to

Click here to download the Fridge Checklist