As you would know, when travelling, having a comfortable place to rest your head of an evening is pure joy; so let’s make sure those guests of yours feel relaxed, happy and at home in your home as we overhaul the spare room together.

First things first; what’s currently in your spare room. Perhaps it’s become a dumping ground for kid’s toys, maybe it houses a bed as well as a built-in that’s filled with out of season clothing and shoes. Whatever’s in there, it’s time to declutter and archive so you can create wardrobe space! Our top picks for archiving items in your spare room are:

The Easi Store Underbed Box: This is ideal for storing toys, linen and more. It too has a locking lid and wheels and it’s also stackable.

The PVC Underbed Storage Bag: This soft PVC with zip top is perfect for storing extra blankets.

The Compactor Compressible Trunks: Available in 4 sizes, they’re stackable, have a zip/clip closure for proper protection of your wares and a handle for safe accessibility.

Space Bags: Available in many shapes and sizes, they’re airtight, watertight, reusable and they’ll help triple your storage space.

Don’t have a wardrobe in your spare room? We have a number of portable wardrobe solutions available such as the easy-build Wardrobe Kit on Industrial Wheels (DAD7). This system can be populated with soft Storage Totes as well as stackable Clear Store Sweater Drawers. Regardless of whether you’re creating a wardrobe or have an existing one, it’s imperative you have enough spare hangers for your guests to use. Here at Howards we’re hanger specialists and we have a huge range of NEW hangers available online and in-store. Pop a Luggage Rack in the corner of the room and your guests have the perfect place to stow their suitcase! With your archiving complete, and your wardrobe space filled with new hangers and enough space for your guests to unpack their luggage, lets look to the bedding situation.

If there’s an existing bed in this room, now’s the time to dress it with fresh sheets, a new doona and place a couple of fresh towels and a face washer at the end of the bed. If there’s not an existing bed in this room, consider purchasing an inflatable bed.

And what about bedside tables you ask? Our elfa white 4 Runner Mesh 2 Drawer Standalone Unit (ELF01043) which measure a height of 43cm will sit neatly on either side of your existing bed or your air mattress. What’s great about this unit is that it has mesh drawers (consider placing natural drawer sachets in each drawer to keep your guests items fresh!) and its complete with a white top so you can “dress” the unit with a vase of fresh flowers, a freestanding mirror, a new magazine and other little personal touches.

Finally, create a place for your guests to hang their bath towels or coats with an over-the-door hook. With no installation required they’re a quick fix to utilising the space behind the door and perfect for when you just need that little bit of extra storage!

Our recommended list of guest room essentials: