Glass Food Storage:

5 Reasons To Love It

There’s something a little nostalgic about using kitchen glassware don’t you think? Perhaps it’s the memory of grandma’s tempered glass casserole dish, her Pyrex nesting bowls or the meals she used to make with them. Sure as history would have it, sooner or later everything old is new again. Enter Howard’s range of high quality Glass Storage. Whether you’re preserving or serving up a main meal, it’s safe to say that high quality glass containers have had a resurgence. Let’s take a look at five reasons why we love them…

1. Glass is Freezer, Fridge and Microwave Friendly

The perfect choice for storing leftovers or reheating/cooking from, glass containers can be transferred effortlessly between the freezer, fridge and microwave. Why? Borosilicate or tempered glass, which is simply glass that’s been strengthened during the manufacturing stage, is designed to withstand sudden and drastic temperature changes. 4-5 times stronger than regular glass, it should be the only glass used when a lot of temperature changes (such as freezing and heating) are required.

2. Glass Doesn’t Stain or Retain Odours

Thanks to its safe, glossy, non-porous surface, glass doesn’t absorb food and germs; in fact, it repels food odours and any lingering flavours. Furthermore, it can be safely washed at high temperatures in your dishwasher and used over and over without posing any harmful risks to the environment or your personal health. You can be assured that glass food storage containers won’t leach any chemicals when in contact with food.

3. Glass Saves Time with Food Prep, Serving and Clean Up

Because most glass food containers can be moved between the freezer and fridge, the oven and your tabletop, the time pressure on food prep and serving can be drastically reduced. While you’re unlikely to place a meal in a plastic container on your kitchen table, food presented in a glass container, taken straight from the oven and placed on dining table is another story indeed. What’s more, glass enables you to safely check food as it reheats thanks to the transparent clarity of your glass container. And when it’s time to wash up, well you can safely pop glass into your dishwasher.

Lock in the Freshness

4. Glass is the most readily recycled container

The thing about glass is that even when it’s recycled again and again, the quality, purity and clarity of glass doesn’t depreciate. You see glass is the most easily processed and most readily available type of recycled container. A glass bottle can go from a curbside recycling box, through the recycling stream, re-made into a new bottle and on a store shelf in as little as 30 days. Lighten the load on landfill, go for glass and do your bit for the environment! Sustainability reigns!

5. Glass Will Save You Money

It may sound strange because ultimately, glass food storage containers are priced higher than plastic, however glass will last the distance. Hands up those of you who have acquired a glass container from a mother or grandmother over the years? It’s because glass lasts. The fact that glass can be safely used and reused when storing hot food and liquids – for decades – is genius really.

Glass can help you save money by reducing waste too; because these handy kitchen containers are crystal clear, you can accurately see what you’re storing and use up your leftovers before they need to be thrown out.

Here at Howards we have a range of glass food storage available. Some of our products such as the Kilner Preserving Jars are designed for pantry only use; these items can be used to preserve, store and display food (and any number of other household items), while other items, made from borosilicate glass will see your food through the oven-to-table-to-microwave process. When purchasing glass products from Howards, please read the care labels carefully.

Howards Top Glass Container Picks

Kilner Preserve Jars

Whether you’re making jam from scratch, pickling fruit or just looking for an airtight container for perishables, our range of Le Parfait Preserve Jars are the perfect choice. Available in a range of sizes, these jars feature a rubber seal and wire hinge system to ensure food is kept fresh for longer and protected from the elements.

NB: these jars are for storing, preserving or displaying Items

Lock & Lock Euro Heat Resistant Glass Containers

Add some flair to your food storage with a glass container from the Lock & Lock range. This range is absolutely perfect for eating, storing, freezing or heating. These are made with borosilicate glass, which handles large temperature changes and can handle up to 400 C in the oven. Finally, they contain a silicone-lined lid for airtight storage with patented locking lids.


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