Glass Food Storage – Reasons to Love it!

Glass food storage are a must for all households. Read more to discover why.

I often suffer from fridge envy, especially when I am flipping through an appliance catalogue and you see those glossy pics of perfectly organised fridges with all their fancy fresh food and matchy-matchy containers. 
Unfortunately, my fridge doesn’t look anything even remotely like those showy iceboxes… partly because of the three hungry munchkins that insist on daily fridge raids where they scavenge for anything semi edible… and also because we have gremlins who live in our container cupboard and eat lids.
I’m not even joking!
I have a cupboard FULL of containers and lids. The majority of them are either stained or warped and less than a quarter of them actually have a matching lid that fits. In other words, I have a cupboard full of useless plastic containers.
It is my goal in life to one day own a neat looking organised fridge. Whilst I pretty much don’t have a hope in hell of stopping the hungry scavengers from ransacking, well at least not until they grow up and go get their own fridges to trash. I can do something about the organisation and food storage containers.

Decor Matchups Glass Storage Range

Lock in the Freshness
The Decor range of glass Match-ups are made from borosilicate glass. Their cleverly designed silicone seal have steam release air vents. Furthermore, these containers are not only microwave safe, they are airtight and leak proof. Moreover, the ‘tada’ ending is that they can go from freezer/fridge/pantry straight into the microwave for reheating and then into the dishwasher for cleaning.
Simple as huh? With colour coded lids and bases that fit all of the sizes of that colour in the range, this household may just be a couple of steps closer to becoming container gremlin proof too!