Good Storage Sells Houses

If you are looking at selling your home, it can be quite daunting knowing where to start. However, it is important to keep the costs down so you don’t over capitalise, and show the buyer that the house is a haven of organisation and ready to move into. Additionally,  all buyers have their own wishlist/check list. Therefore, tick off as many of these as possible, and you will create more interest and a better sale price.

Professional Organiser Anita Birges, has styled many homes over the years for sale and she says – “Good storage sells houses.” It doesn’t always need to be the BIG fix, give key areas a little attention and add some basic solutions and you will add value when selling your home.

The entrance

Never underestimate the importance of a good first impression. As they pull up and enter through the front door, the buyer is already forming an opinion about your home, so do your best to make it a good one.

Remove the clutter. A lot of people these days are leaving their shoes at the entrance. Shoes on an open shoe rack though practical, can look messy for an open home.

A shoe drawer can be a functional and stylish addition to the entrance. For instance, it will hide away your shoes and keep the area clear and free from clutter. If you don’t have the space, pack or hide your shoes away when people are coming to view.

Pack away your shoes for your open homes.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where school lunches are packed and it’s the backdrop for every other meal in between.

Therefore, a well presented kitchen with good storage is on everyone’s wish list. Additionally, when people are inspecting your house, they will open doors and drawers and have a peak into your life and the way your house is working for you.

Here are some top tips to an organised kitchen when selling your home:


Your Benches

Keep your benches clear. An uncluttered space will give the best impression of a kitchen that is easy to work in.

Pack the majority of your appliances away think about vertical storage. Your splashbacks are a great place to mount paper towels or spices or even knives, they look great too!

EvoVac and White Magic i-hook have some great storage options for the kitchen that use suction and are quick and easy to install.


Under Sink

Look at your undersink from a buyers perspective. However, this area is notoriously difficult to organise and utilise the space well.

Therefore, nail this area and prospective buyers will be in awe when selling your home!


The Pantry

An organised pantry is definitely on the wishlist for most buyers and can be easily achieved.

Using the same containers for your dry storage is a good idea as it gives a lovely consistency. Firstly, choose a range that is modular and clear so they stack  easily and you can see what you have and how much you have at a glance. Moreover, labelling is also a great way to keep your pantry organised and ordered.

See the range of Pantry Containers to organise when selling your home.

Use organisers such as Mimi Separators; they are available in 3 sizes, have an integrated handle, high edges, and will group your items and utilise the depth of your shelves.

Howards Mimi Organisers – Avalaible in 3 sizes

If you need to add some infrastructure to make your pantry more user friendly (and look amazing), think about Tansel Pull-Out Storage, it will transform new or existing cabinets and increase the storage by up to 30%.

In addition, bring in your measurements and a picture of your space and we can help you tailor a solution to suit.

See more about Tansel here

The Laundry

Assess your space and think about how you can make it work better.  Ensure your dirty laundry is done and packed away or in a hamper for open homes. (Some people put it in the back of their car and remove it from the house completely).

If your laundry is tight on space, use your vertical wall or doors. These are often forgotten storage opportunities.

The elfa utility Door and Wall Rack is perfect for this space. It is an economical solution and looks great.

Refresh your ironing board. If you don’t need a new one, a replacement cover will freshen it up like new.

Choose an airer that doesn’t take up any space. There are many that can be wall mounted, hung over a door or fold flat for easy storage. In addition, Howards have one of the biggest ranges of airers to choose from.

See the full Airer Range 

Utilise the back of the door.


Bathroom areas need to be super clean.  Again Declutter.

Maximise the storage under the vanity. This can be done easily by grouping items and using a few good organisers to suit the space.

A new matching bathroom set is a quick way to refresh your bathroom.

Add nice hand soap on the vanity, some new towels, a fresh shower caddy and perhaps a plant, candle or a diffuser to add a touch of style.


We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. Make these spaces a sanctuary, a place your buyer can relax, unwind and sleep well.

Look at investing in a fresh doona cover or some nice pillows.

Pack away your jewellery. Anything that is sentimental or worth money should be removed during inspections.

Anything you don’t want people to see, remove. People will be opening drawers and cupboards and can be a little nosy during inspections, so pack personal items away.

A good wardrobe is on everyone’s wish list. Stand back and assess your space. Could you increase the storage and functionality by adding extra shelves, hanging or shoe storage? elfa shelving is the easiest and most flexible solution in a wardrobe.

It’s easy to create a dream wardrobe that will wow your potential buyer and help them fall in love with your home. Ask in-store about our free design and quote service.

If you are happy with your wardrobe infrastructure, you will want to clear excess clothes and ensure your shoes are stored and displayed well.

If your wardrobe is crammed and overflowing, a buyer will automatically think they won’t have enough room to fit their clothes. You want to create a feeling of spaciousness. Once you have decluttered, invest in some wardrobe boxesdividers and other solutions that will help you make your space look more organised.

Kids bedrooms, should be kept clutter free, so your home appeals to everyone, no matter what their circumstance or how old their kids are.

 Maximise your space

Storage, storage storage, can you ever have too much? A huge appeal when selling your home.

If you have an under stair nook, a roof cavity or spare cupboard, don’t just throw things in and close the door. This is an opportunity to show how this space can be well utilised and present it as an asset.

Storage Boxes, Space Bag Vacuum Bags, easy-build, elfa drawers….the possibilities are endless.  Bring in a photo and some measurements of your space and we can help you with the best solution.

If adding extra shelving or wine storage will give your home the wow factor, think about what solution would be best for your space.

See Howards Shelving Systems Article.

elfa is perfect for maximising space in awkward areas.


Wine Racks can fit into awkward spaces.

Hide it!

Packing away items and giving them a home is so important. Once you have decluttered, group items and give them a home.

What you use to contain it is up to you. Baskets are beautiful, create warmth and look good.

Use the same size basket if you are using on a shelf as it gives a lovely consistency and instant order.

Top Tips When Selling Your Home

There are a number of things that are a turn off for buyers when selling your home. Here are some to consider.

  • Stay away from Open homes

    Prospective buyers don’t want the distraction of sellers around when they are viewing your home. Let your agent do their job.

  • Dirt, keep it clean

    Clean it, get rid of dirt, dust and mould. A pristine home will be so much more appealing than having to look past muck. If you are unable to do it yourself, it is definitely worthwhile hiring a professional cleaner. Hiring a Professional Organiser or someone to stage your home can also reap rewards come sale day.

  • Smells

    Fresh air, open windows prior to an inspection. Try not to cook anything the night before or on the day of inspection that will linger.

    If you add some scents don’t be too heavy handed. Scents are very personal, something that appeals to one, won’t necessarily appeal to all. Many assume that heavy scents are try to mask bad odours.

    Try an aroma diffuser, the scent is more subtle.

  • Clutter

    Clutter is distracting and many find it hard to see past it. A clear uncluttered house will add value every time, it’s that simple.

  • Personal Photographs

    Create a blank canvas so that people can imagine what it would be like to live in your home.

    Any evidence of your family should be removed or hidden. Documents, certificates, remove/hide anything that has your name on it and may interfere with the buyers emotional connection with your property.

  • Temperature

    Ideally keeping the temperature around 23 degrees will keep the atmosphere comfortable. If it is an extremely hot day, walking into a cool house will have the ahhhh effect.

  • Refresh your walls

    Remove scuff marks and dirt from your walls to freshen up the look of your home. You may not necessarily need to go to the expense of getting in a painter, try the White Magic Microfibre Eraser, it is perfect for removing marks off your walls.  It also works on chrome and stainless steel and cleans the stains from your teacups etc.

    White Magic Microfibre Eraser Sponge uses fibres 10000 times finner than a human hair to remove stubborn marks with only WATER.

Anita Birges is the creator and owner of Mise en Place – Professional Organising and Property Styling Services.

Organising is second nature to Anita. Balancing work, running an efficient home and being a mum of two kids has taught Anita the enormous value of staying organised. Anita has also completed her Professional Organiser Training, and is a registered member of IOPO (Institute of Professional Organisers). See more about IOPO here.

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