easy-build Shelf Unit for Hard to Store Appliances & More

When not stored correctly, bulky and odd shaped appliances can disrupt even the most organised kitchen. The problem is simply solved with an easy-build Custom Shelf Unit. The beauty of easy-build is its flexibility; the wire shelves can be repositioned to suit specific items. Should your storage needs change over time, simply add or subtract shelves – or completely repurpose the components creating another solution for another room within your home or office. Made from triple coated chrome, easy-build is durable, easy to assemble and completely customisable. Hardwearing and versatile this unit also carries a 5 year guarantee.

When storing items within this solution, remember that accessibility is key to saving time within your kitchen. In addition, by incorporating repetition with a series of storers (such as Easi-Store plastic boxes as seen on the lower shelf here) you will create consistency, which will then result in an organised, neat and tidy space.