How to give your wardrobe a revival!


The Wardrobe Revival Checklist

Whether you have a walk-in-wardrobe, a built-in, some hanging space in the corner of your bedroom or even a free-standing antique wardrobe – the challenge is always the same; keeping it organised and clutter-free. It’s about finding that T-shirt, skirt and jeans quickly and easily – no rummaging necessary. It’s time to bring order to clothes chaos!

Simply follow the checklist and enjoy the organised wardrobe you’ll love using.

  • Get ruthless and free up space. Cull the clothes you don’t wear anymore.

    If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate. If it’s damaged, toss it. Make quick decisions.

  • Decide what to store.

    Don’t have the space for your year-round clothes? Store them. Let the seasons guide you. For bulky knitwear, coats, pick up a Jumbo Compressible Space Bag Storage Tote. The inner vacuum seal bag allows you to compress bulky items to a third of their original size. Genius!

  • Organise hanging clothes by colour and type using the same hangers.

    When you hang ‘like with like’ it looks more ordered. Make sure you choose quality, robust hangers like the Flocked Huggable Hangers or Natural Hangers in packs of 18.

  • Create zones for your clothes.

    Maximise your space usage by carving up your hanging space into zones. This is easy to achieve with a customisable solution like Swedish designed elfa where you can plan in short space for suit jackets and long hanging space for dresses, etc. Built to last and customisable, elfa is ideal for creating hanging and shelving zones in your new-look wardrobe.

  • Group and organise with Drawers.

    Once again, elfa provides a great solution for your folded clothing too. Add in deep 3 runner drawers perfect for bulky knits or shallow 1 runner drawers for your underwear. As the system is flexible, you can reconfigure your drawers at any time.

  • Protect special occasion wear with garment bags.

    Robust garment bags are great for keeping your favourite dresses and fine suits dust-free and protected. Also protect coat shoulders through winter with Coat Shoulder Covers. Try our Easy Hang Premium Dress Bag, Canvas Suit Bag and Canvas Dress Bag.

  • Tidy up your accessories.

    Scoop up loose belts, ties, scarves and handbags and create a home for them with simple elfa hooks, a pull out tie organiser, non slip hangers for your scarves and a clever Hanging Handbag Organiser.

  • Choose a system to store your shoes

    This is the one area of your wardrobe that can create an unsightly, disorganised mess – but it’s easily fixed. We have storage solutions for every shoe collection, from Clear Store Acrylic Shoe Drawers to Hang Over the Door Shoe Organisers.

  • Keep your wardrobe fresh and pest-free.

    Give your clothes that freshly laundered scent every day with our Cedar Fresh Cedar & Lavender Hanger Rings. Not only do the rings smell great, they keep the moths and pests away. A dual-purpose wonder!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to get your wardrobe organised!
You can view so many more of our fantastic wardrobe solutions both in-store and online. However, if you need more inspiration and guidance on reorganising your wardrobe, simply visit our friendly Howards staff in-store to discuss your needs. We’re happy to help!

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