How to organise your laundry



Following the Howards STOP, SORT, SOLVE process can make any organising project easy.



Identify what the problem is eg. “washing is out of control”


Pull everything out, sort into groups and prioritise which items need the most accessible space.


Make life simpler with some organisers and shelving from Howards. There are lots to choose from and the friendly staff at Howards can help you solve any space challenge.


Be ruthless! Try and eliminate clutter by giving or throwing away unused or unwanted items.


  1. For product options, look in the Howards Catalogue or online.
  2. For inspiration, view Howards You Tube (Howards Aust), Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

For help, visit us in-store.

PEACE OF MIND… Howards has a good returns policy

Don’t forget that Howards genuinely wants you to find the best organising solution for your needs. That’s why we offer a sensible returns policy that allows you to return items if they don’t fit or suit your needs. We’ll work with you to solve any space challenge. Put us to the test!


Here are some great reasons why organising your LAUNDRY is a great project:

  • It will save you TIME, making washing faster. A great laundry needs to have an efficient workflow.
  • Create a visible system to make it easier for other members of your household to do the laundry!
  • It’s safer and easier to store cleaning products
  • Creates a home for everything
  • And lastly, every time you enter your laundry, you’ll feel delighted and in control!


Laundry’s come in many shapes and sizes. At heart, they all perform the function of “the place you wash your clothes”.

However, you may want your laundry to store more than your washing machine.

With a little clever planning, try to also include:

  • Pre-sorting station (for your colours and whites)
  • Folding station (next to the drying machine)
  • Distribution station (baskets with labels)
  • Cleaning zone (up high away from children)
  • Drip Drying zone (over the washing tub)
  • Mending station (hanging behind the door)
  • Ironing station (including storage for your iron and ironing board)
  • Storage for your vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms

When designing your system, think about the items you need to access most frequently and creating a workflow that is efficient on your effort and time.


Howards has an extensive range of Laundry Organisers and wonderful systems to help you SOLVE the space & time challenge. By keeping groups of items together and in a sensible workflow, you’ll feel totally ORGANISED! Here are a few of our favourite Laundry Organisers and why.

1. elfa Shelving System

Our favourite laundry system is Swedish designed elfa made from epoxy bonded steel. It cleverly attaches to the wall with a top track, to which you can attach shelves, drawers and a range of specialty laundry attachments to make the MOST of your space.

Ask in store for a free design, measure & quote.


2. easy-build Shelving System

Made from triple coated chrome, easy-build is a freestanding component system of shelves, poles and accessories. Bring your measurements into store (plus a few photos) and let Howards help you design a clever system to maximise your use of space and workflow. (DAD)

3. Water Hyacinth Baskets

Water Hyacinth is an eco-friendly choice as it’s an abundant natural resource. Available from Howards in a wide range of shapes and sizes, use these hampers and baskets to add organisation and warmth to your laundry. (PSK)

4. 22 Pocket Organiser “Mending Station”

Where do you store the spare buttons? In your clever mending station on the back of the laundry door of course! All you need is a 22 pocket organiser to keep in easy view your spare buttons, threads, scissors, pins and more. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it. (LTW5216)

5. 3 Divided Laundry Cart

A clever solution for a busy laundry. Sort your clothes into colours/whites/darks as you wheel from room to room. Includes a removable canvas divided laundry bag and casters. (PYS661)

6.Adjustable Ironing Rack

Tired of hanging your ironing on door knobs? This is the perfect alternative that will keep your ironed shirts in better shape. This rack is height adjustable and includes easy glide castors. (EIC90024)

7. Brabantia Steam Iron Store

This smart organiser can hold a HOT IRON, as well as your ironing board. It’s an ideal solution for those with small children, as well as those who are in a hurry… (BRB9833)

8. 42 Rail Airer

This is a customer favourite because it’s built for heavy duty and has flexible configurations. With 42 rails across 3 tiers, you can collapse shelves to create extra hanging height. It also includes 2 swing out arms designed for hangers which reduces ironing time. Folds for easy storage. (PLT4617)

3 Tier 42 Rail Airer

9. Ultra-Hip Hold Laundry Basket

It’s time to throw way the old laundry basket and make your job easier with a quality new heavy duty one, designed to hug your hip. (STE1210)

10. Large Ultra Caddy

Like to know how to save time cleaning? Put all your cleaning gear in this easy to carry caddy and you will have everything you need as you move from room to room. It also means you can then safely store all your cleaning gear out of reach in the laundry which makes your home safer for children. (STE1584)