How To Pack Away Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are expensive and in order for them to last year after year it’s important to store and protect them properly. Follow our tips…

Christmas Decorations

Store your precious keepsakes properly and avoid tangled lights, twisted tinsel and broken baubles once and for all. Our simple ideas and suggested storers will help you avoid the post-Christmas dump and ensure your decorations look just as good in a year, as they do today.

Step 1: Assess the current ‘decorative’ situation

Throw away any paper decorations that are torn as well as any bald tinsel or fairy lights that have simply stopped working. Restring those broken baubles you plan to keep, repair tears in precious paper ornaments and salvage any trinkets that need a little TLC.

Step 2: Group your decorations

Create separate groups for baubles, tinsel, ribbons and your Christmas wreath. If you opted for a faux tree this year, dismantle it carefully grouping all its components. Consider discarding the original cardboard box (squeezing it back into its original box is not only a frustrating exercise, it simply won’t preserve and protect your tree as would a quality plastic tub with lid).

Step 3: Invest in quality storers to protect these investments

Your decorations will not only be stored in better shape, but stackable boxes are also easier to handle and store. It’s a win win!

Howards Underbed Rollerbox 52L

Short on storage space? Utilise the space under your bed with this handy box. Featuring transparent plastic sides and a lid, this is the perfect storer for protecting treasured decorations from mould and other nasties.

Easi Store on Wheels

Hardwearing, protective and available in multiple sizes, our Easi Store tubs on wheels are complete with a locking lid. This stackable solution will fit compactly in the garage or a cupboard until Christmas rolls around again. Try our new 72-pocket cardboard insert inside a 90L Easi Store tub creating the perfect ‘bauble’ storage solution. We also have an insert to suit a smaller 50L Easi Store tub. For delicate decorations, wrap them in tissue paper prior to storing them.


Howards 6 Shoe Easi Store with Wheels

Divide and conquer with this storer. Complete with divided compartments this shoebox with locking lid will happily house your tinsel and fairly lights. Do you have bigger decorations to store? This storer has removable dividers so you can customize your storage.

Howards 45L Underbed Easi Store

Perfect for storing rolls of gift-wrap this storer will fit neatly under the bed. What’s more because it’s on wheels, it’s easy to access next time you need to wrap a gift!

22-Pocket Organiser

This is a neat idea! Place your smaller decorations in a 22-Pocket Organiser and utilise the hanging space in your spare wardrobe. Complete with 16 standard pockets and six large pockets, this versatile storage solution will keep your treasures protected and out of the way until needed.

Small Ultra Basket

Where do you store your rolls of ribbon? If they’re jammed in a drawer or hidden away in the back of a cupboard consider adding two dowel rods (not included) to this basket to create your own ribbon dispenser! Too easy.

Label your boxes

You might know exactly what’s in each storage container today but in 12 months’ time it might be another story. Label your storage boxes. It’s simple yet very effective and will alleviate the need to rummage next Christmas.

Bag a post-Christmas Bargain

While it’s hard to bring yourself to spend more money after Christmas, if you’re looking to replace any old decorations that didn’t make it through this year’s celebrations, ‘post’ Christmas is an opportune time to make a purchase at a reduced price! Just remember to invest in a storage solution that will keep them as good as new until next year.

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