Howards and The Living Room makeover

We had so much fun with United States organising and declutter expert Peter Walsh and Barry Du Bois’ Reno team from Channel 10’s The Living Room, we were invited back for another life changing organising transformation! This time we had the good fortune of helping to organise a young couple living in an apartment in Ashfield.

Some background if you will; our couple comprises of Cindee (a DJ) and John (an IT Manager). Together for 13 years, they’ve lived in their 2-bedroom apartment for 10 of those years and they’ve collected a lot of “stuff” along the way. Consumed and overwhelmed by their clutter, it was time for a transformation and to help this young couple reclaim control of their space! And so began our plan…Implement our Howard’s STOP, SORT, SOLVE methodology.

STOP: We assessed the main challenges/issues and determined what needed to change.

  • The bedroom simply had too much in it (to give you an idea Cindee has over 90 pairs of shoes!)
  • There was no logical place to find anything (shoes were stored in washing baskets).
  • The large wardrobe was mostly allocated to Cindee given her DJ business and abundance of outfits.

The study nook was located in the dining room (which had no dining table in it).

It was time to SORT!

With so many items to organise, everything within the apartment was removed and taken to a local indoor basketball court at which point Peter Walsh then embarked on the process of helping Cindee and John release over 50% of their items. It was a challenging part of the overhaul for Cindee; yet so rewarding and the items that were left over were then sorted into groups, boxed and returned to the apartment.

Once we could see exactly what we had left over, The Howards Organising Team created a solution for the bedroom and study nook using easy-build as the core framework and the following Howards organisational products.

Room 1 – The Study Nook:

We added our mesh office range to the shelves on the relocated study nook and dressed the unit with Howards own mesh desk accessories.

Room 2 – The Bedroom:

We installed an easy-build accessory station and dressing table to create a theatrical storage solution. Cindee’s items were now easy to access and these stations relieved the pressure on the wardrobe. They were dressed with a range of items to accommodate a large makeup and accessory collection including:

  • Water Hyacinth Baskets – these allowed us to group like-items together in a “hidden way” and also create visual order and warmth to the room in contrast to the chrome of the easy-build system.
  • The Allure Maxi Organiser and other Allure and Glam Organisers – these contained the large collection of make up.
  • Zak Containers – perfect for grouping rings, necklaces and bangles in a fun visual way!
  • 2 x Hanging Handbag Organisers – these stored Cindee’s handbags and enabled her to see her amazing collection!
  • Whitmore belt Hanger – great for hanging long necklaces and allowing them to remain untangled yet on display.
  • 22 pocket organisers – acts as storage for another part of her jewellery collection.
  • Scarf Hanger – ideal for scarf organisation, accessibility and visibility.

What about that shoe collection you ask? Clear Store Shoe Boxes were used for Cindee’s most frequently used shoes together with a 21 Pair Shoe Rack which lives on the back of the door. An under bed storage box was used to hide away John’s shoes.

And how did we maximise space in the wardrobe? New hangers of course! We used thin space saving flocked hangers.

The result? Well the makeover was quite simply, transformational. Cindee and John were overwhelmed by the change that was made; each item was now stored in its own well-organised space and Cindee could now intuitively find whatever she was looking for. Along with our organisational solutions, The Living Room Reno Team added instant glamour by giving the rooms warmth and aesthetic appeal.

Our couple now feels far more in control of their space and while the sorting stage was hard for Cindee, she really enjoyed the result!

Watch the story HERE.