Howards Laundry Rescue

With Professional Organiser Anita Birges

Howards teamed up with Professional Organiser Anita Birges to rescue a family overwhelmed with the never ending washing cycle. This laundry needed some systems in place to be able to handle the volume of washing that comes with a family of 7. Howard’s own laundry rescue!

From a laundry in chaos to a superbly organised space, this rescue shows how good storage and a little clever thinking can make all the difference to how a laundry functions… well as how it looks.



Here are the products used in this transformation.


easy-build is exclusive to Howards and is a fully adjustable freestanding shelving system made from triple coated chrome. Furthermore, available in kits or components, you can create almost any solution from easy-build.

The Distribution Station – elfa Frames and Drawers

We created 2 elfa 10 Runner free standing drawer sets with 2 runner wire baskets to provide a folding and distribution station with a dedicated basket for every member of the family.

Firstl, giving each of the family a basket with their name on it for their folded clothes gives each member ownership of their own clothes. Therefore, they can access their clothes from the laundry or remove the basket completely and take to their room to put away.

Furthermore, elfa is made from epoxy bonded steel and comes with an amazing 10 year guarantee.

See the elfa Custom Laundry Distribution Station

Ironing Solution

Having a dedicated space to be able to put a hot iron away and store your ironing board is not only essential for safety but will also keep your space clear.

Firstly, the Goodthings Iron and Ironing Board Organiser is made from heat resistant plastic, this organiser is the ideal place to rest your iron between garments. Furthermore, surrounded by plastic walls and lip at the front, this iron isn’t going anywhere in a hurry!

Moreover, it’s held securely so toppling is impossible. There is also a space underneath to store the cord when it’s no longer needed.

Finally, installation is easy with rubber lined hooks that attach to your ironing board.

Howards Mimi Separators

Howards Mimi’s come in 3 handy sizes, they are one of the most versatile organisers for storing and grouping items and can be used in any room in your home. If you buy one of these, you will buy more….they are that good!

Firstly, the high side design with clever handles allows you to make the most of your deep shelf space. Furthermore, they are made from clear, quality plastic, they are easy to clean and the perfect organiser to group your laundry items.

Sterilite baskets

A quality washing basket will last. We have used medium Sterilite Ultra Baskets on the easy-build shelf for additional storage, as they are ventilated and use the space well.

Firstly, the Sterilite Hiphold washing Baskets features not two but three integrated handles, while a clever hip indentation will help you find a comfortable position when carrying wet washing. Moreover, large ventilation holes on the side encourage excess water to drain while the strong plastic frame will handle a mountain of clothing.

Laundry Basket on Castors

Made from a sturdy steel construction with a durable poly coating, this handy basket on wheels will fit under a standard bench or in a corner. Furthermore, lightweight yet durable this practical basket is easy to use, and just as simple to store. Finally, with ample room for extra large loads of washing, this trolley is functional, resilient and complete with a 12-month warranty.

See the full range of hampers

Need a Laundry Rescue of your own?

Contact your local store for expert advice. Bring in some photos and dimensions and our in-store teams can create a solution for your laundry or any space in your home.

For instance, they can also put you in contact with an IOPO accredited Professional Organiser, who can come in to your home and access your needs.

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