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Thermos. It’s a household name and has been for years. Since their inception in 1904 the leading manufacturer has trailblazed with innovation within the food and beverage container arena. Their constant new product development has ensured that genuine Thermos has remained a leader for quality products for over a century!

Thermos Vacuum Insulation Technology

So what is it about their vacuum insulation technology that outperforms other insulated food and beverage containers? The Thermos team has designed this technology to ensure that whatever you put in your vacuum insulation thermos will stay hot or cold. Before the vacuum insulation process is applied, containers will let in the heat or cold; then by creating an airless space between two walls Thermos virtually eliminate the convection process and temperature change within the product. Basically that ensures that the contents of your Thermos container maintains it’s temperature regardless of what elements surround the product. Engineered utilising refined design, ergonomic functionality and premium materials genuine Thermos brand vacuum insulated products are developed and tested for optomised performance – hot or cold, they’re made to last.

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