There are some great products on the market. However, there’s the exceptionally innovative like the range produced by simplehuman. The designers and engineers behind one of Howards best selling brands create products that not only withstand everyday life, they make everyday life easier.

As a philosophy, simplehuman believe that day-to-day life essentially provides one big research and development lab. Their best ideas begin in the daily routine and evolve into products through a creative mixture of technology, engineering and intelligent people. Their development process never ends. They’re always reinventing and they never stop testing and searching for ways to make life easier and more efficient. Take the soap pump for instance…

Simplehuman Square Soap Pump

Simplehuman believe that day-to-day life has room for improvement and creating a faster cleaner pump is a prime example. Their clever Square Soap Pump catch cry is “getting clean, shouldn’t be messy”. Therefore, they engineered a range of easy to refill, ergonomic pumps each containing a non-drip valve. Seamlessly designed, these pumps are an easy way to ensure no germs are spread to the next user. This promotes a healthy and hygienic environment. Genius.

Simplehuman Bins

When it comes to their bins, simplehuman believe good products should be built to last so they put their entire range of step bins through a durability test. The result? Proven hardwearing, their bins are designed to withstand 150,000 ‘steps’ – that’s 20 steps a day for over 20 years. You see, the pedal runs all the way to the back of the bin and pivots near the centre, enabling the entire platform to take the weight for a smooth, steady action.  It’s little wonder that most of the bins have a 10-year warranty.

What’s more they offer a soft close lid. The patented lid shox air technology allows the lid to open easily but provides resistance as the lid closes, easing it down gently and quietly. When designing the range, the simplehuman team also took into consideration clean and tidy waste. While the exterior is designed with a fingerprint-proof finish, the inside of the bin is created for extra-thick, double-seamed simplehuman bin liners. These perfectly fit and stay neatly hidden.

Simplehuman Cabinet Organisers

Furthermore, there’s their range of cabinet organisers. With a 5-year warranty, their line of durable, streamlined cabinet organisers stand testament of only using the best materials and solid engineering. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, they glide on smooth pre-aligned commercial-grade ball bearing tracks and are perfect for storing pantry items. They include a removable drip guard that protect your cabinets from messy spills and leaks. Furthermore, easy to group bulky items like pots and pans. Seriously easy to use, they, much like the rest of the range, have been designed with everyday life. These are truly in the forefront of the designers and engineers mind.

Simplehuman Dish Racks

Dish racks are also a simplehuman specialty. For example, their dish rack range includes models with built in draining trays and movable spouts so you can position them to fit your space. Likewise, you can reliably expect them to be made from sturdy, corrosion-resistant materials. Finally, these won’t rust or discolour and are easy to clean.

What’s more?

You only need to take a quick look at the list of awards the simplehuman team has received to see these guys really are in the upper echelons when it comes to designing durable, ready-for-anything products. From Red Dot Design Awards to International Design Excellence Awards, European Consumer Choice Awards to Housewares Innovation Awards (and beyond), simplehuman are recognised and applauded leaders in design and innovation. Howards are proud to stock a large range of simplehuman products. For example, garbage bins, dish racks, soap dispensers and kitchen & bathroom tools. Shop the simplehuman range available at Howards Storage World HERE.


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