Introducing Howards New Hanger Range

Jim Toby, Howards Hanger Expert

JIM-TOBYIf you’re looking for Australia’s largest range of hangers, you don’t need to look past Howards. Stocking a variety of styles and shapes, our range includes timber, felt, chrome, chrome-plated, PVC-coated and plastic options.

You’ll also find a wide shoulder hotel-style timber hanger, as well as scarf and belt hangers in multiple finishes. Children haven’t been forgotten either – you can pick up some brightly coloured smaller hangers too.

So why such a huge range? Do we really need different hangers taking up precious wardrobe space?

Recently we caught up with Howards’ senior buyer for hangers, Jim Toby, who gave us a unique insight into the wonderful world of hangers.

“It may seem excessive, but the truth is, we spend a lot on our clothes, and the way you hang them actually protects their shape and how long they’ll last – that’s why you need a different hanger for coats and jackets, trousers, T-shirts and dresses, etc.”

As for that perennial issue of wardrobe space, Jim explains, “A lot of our hangers – like the fine-flocked variety – are actually quite thin, so they’re ideal space-savers and great for T-shirts. You can line up quite a few of them in your wardrobe without cramping your style – literally!”

Clearly committed to style and substance, Jim makes ‘quality’ his top priority when sourcing hangers for Howards. For instance, all the felt hangers sit on strong resin frames rather than brittle plastic frames, and the PVC coating is a generous thickness, making them durable and slip resistant.

Jim elaborates,

Did you know that this kind of timber actually allows for more specialised design features like curved broad shoulders and notching? I always tell people you get what you pay for when it comes to hangers. So don’t be fooled by the cheaper variety – they’re often a mix of B or C grades, they’re poorly made and can damage your clothes.”

Jim is particularly excited by the new range of hangers now in-store at Howards.

“We’ve just introduced a new coat and trouser hanger design with a timber clamp. We’ve also expanded our range of felt hangers for adults and children and added five new designs of PVC-coated shirt and trouser hangers to our stock. But my personal favourites are the two solid chrome high polished designs – simply stunning.”

So just when you thought Howards couldn’t possibly improve on the already amazing range of hangers in-store, Jim Toby and his team have worked hard to exceed your expectations.

For more about Howard’s new hanger range, download our free e-book titled “The Hanger Space Guide” which includes practical advice using the hangers and how much space selected hangers take up in your wardrobe.  It takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the right hanger for your needs.