Keeping Kids Craft Safe and Sound

Children put so much effort into homemade gifts, paintings, cards and Christmas decorations, so it’s important to keep their creations stored safely come the end of the festive season.

To keep these special pieces intact keep them organised and separated from the rest of your decorations. Here are some handy storage ideas for your child’s unique festive creations:

If your kids are super-crafty you may want to set up a creative corner in their bedroom or playroom and inspire even more amazing Christmas keepsakes. The best way to get those creative juices flowing is to create a space that is organised and out of the way so they can focus on their project without being disturbed.

The cute and practical Craft Mini Bucket Turntables will keep all their tools and materials in the right place. Consider setting up their own filing system so that their paper stays flat and crumple-free with the Mini Drawer Unit. This item can hold anything from play dough to paper, textas to glue.

If they need any more encouragement to get into the Christmas spirit here are some simple ideas they can try in their newly organised craft nook.

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