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Preserving and Recipes

Kilner Jars – we’ll show you what you can do with them!

Make a salad on the go or create a layered brekkie for something a little different!

Preserving is one of the easiest ways to make use of extra food that may be stock piling in your fridge or fruit bowl; and what’s more, it’s budget friendly and will reduce food wastage!

So versatile!

View the kilner-healthy-eating-guide for great ideas and healthy recipes.


Kilner on the Go Jar

Add a little vintage style to your storage with the ever-popular Kilner on the Go Food Jar.

Furthermore, this handy glass jar with stainless steel pot keeps wet and dry foods separate! Ideal for storing salad, fruit, breakfast grains or dry snacks, the stainless steel cup holds all your liquid or wet foods separately until you’re ready to mix and enjoy. Clever!


Firstly, often jams and preserves can be confused and if you’re new to preserving, it’s good to note that there is a distinct difference between the two. For instance, jam is usually prepped by slicing, dicing or mashing fruit together; while in a preserve you’re likely to see whole fruit, or certainly larger pieces of fruit cooked in thick sugar syrup. Today, to keep it simple, we’ll shine the spotlight on preserves.

First and foremost, when you’re prepping to preserve or make jams, remember that sterilising your jars is critical. One tiny spot of bacteria can spoil your jar; not to mention the dangers associated with food poisoning. For instance, those of you with a steam steriliser (for baby bottles) can use these. However, your jars will still need to be dried out before use. Alternatively, jars can be sterilised in the dishwasher, or water bath.

  • Water Bath

    • Remove the lids or rubber seals for your jars and put to one side
    • Next place the jars into a Kilner® jam pan and fill with water until the jars are covered. Bring to the boil and keep at the maximum temperature for 10 minutes, turn the heat off and cover the pan to keep the jars warm until you are ready to fill them.
    • Place vacuum seal lids or rubber seals in a small pan and fill with 4 inches of water, heat and simmer at 82 degrees for 10 minutes, turn the heat off and cover the pan until you are ready to seal the jars.
  • Dishwasher

    • Remove the lids or rubber seals from your jars and place everything into the top rack of your dishwasher and run it on a hot wash. No detergent or cleaning solutions should be used.
    • Time your dishwasher cycle to finish just as you are ready to fill the jars or leave the jars and lids or seals inside the dishwasher to keep warm until you are ready to fill them.
    • Finally wipe the rim and threads of the jar to remove any food debris after filled to get a secure seal.

Our Top 5 Preserving Tips:

  • Ensure your sterilized jar is completely stable before pouring in your preserve mixture.
  • Don’t add hot preserve to a cold jar; or cold preserve to a hot jar – as the jar may break.
  • Glass jars are most preferred for the purpose of preserving since they can be reused
  • Quality counts! Using the freshest produce yields the freshest-tasting results
  • Always follow a recipe from a trusted source!

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Kilner Square Clip Top Jars

Firstly, you may have seen these delicious dittys in a café before; but don’t be intimidated, with all your fresh ingredients at the ready, this breakfast simply calls for basic layering technique – and it’ll have a huge visual impact. Moreover, if you’re pressed for time on any given morning, this healthy treat can be prepared in advance, refridgerated and stored until you’re ready to dig in. For instance, consider preparing a weeks supply when you have a spare hour on a Sunday.


* Granola

* Greek Yoghurt

* Strawberries

* Blueberries

* Nectarine

* Square 1L Kilner Jar


In a Kilner clip top jar, spoon in a layer of granola, top with a layer of greek yoghurt then sprinkle over a few chopped strawberries and whole blueberries. Contine layering until your jar is full. Top with a few slices of nectarine. Seal the lid and store in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy.

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