Laundry Shelving Ideas

Big, small, walk-through, in-built; whatever space you’re working with. In addition, discover the laundry shelving ideas that make the most of your designated laundry area. Therefore, this will help to create an easy to use workflow.

Howard’s have conducted some great laundry makeovers across a wide range of spaces using space-saving shelving systems. Standby to be inspired by our laundry shelving ideas!

Large laundry solution Elfa Shelving

To recap; lets take a quick look at Howard’s key shelving systems followed by a closer look at how these work in-situ.

Howards Shelving Systems

Firstly, you can’t underestimate the importance of utilising vertical wall space. Therefore, to achieve that, a good quality shelving system is key. For instance, our buyers have scoured the globe and stand firm is their recommendation that you simply can’t beat Elfa® and Easy Build.


Firstly, there are so many reasons to love Elfa. For example, it’s customisable and flexible enough to be used within any room of the house. Furthermore, it’s durable, engineered to last the distance and has a 10 year guarantee. Finally, it’s Swedish designed and made and it’s just so easy to install and use. For instance, the Elfa system simply attaches to the wall with a single top track from which the other components hang. Moreover, everyone’s needs are different and if you want a system that can evolve with you, a flexible and versatile solution is essential. With Elfa, today’s laundry can be reconfigured to tomorrow’s nursery or office.

  • Easy installation – only the top track attaches to the wall
  • Ultimate solution right through the home
  • Completely flexible and customisable
  • Swedish designed and made
  • Has a range of mesh and wire accessories available
  • The Elfa collection has a 10-year guarantee
Custom Elfa Laundry Solutions
Large laundry solution Elfa Shelving
Elfa Shelving for the laundry
Elfa Laundry Shelving Solution


Firstly, Easy-Build is a freestanding solution. Moreover, it’s simple to assemble with a fully adjustable solution with a triple-plated chrome finish.  The only tools needed for assembly is a rubber mallet. Furthermore, if you’re using a clothes rod, you’ll only need a Philips-head screwdriver.  Moreover, customers can design their own solution. Alternatively, our versatile pre-designed easy-build kits are the fastest way to solve your storage challenges. For example, in terms of weight ratings, the average easy-build weight capacity is 200kgs per shelf (without wheels). Likewise, the easy-build system comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Freestanding system made from triple coated chrome
  • Design your own or choose from our predesigned kits
  • Versatile right throughout your home or office.
  • The Easy-Build collection has a 5-year guarantee
Custom easy-build Shelving
Easy Build
Shelf on Wheels
Easy Build
Custom Laundry Unit

Our Top Laundry Makeovers:

Medium Sized Elfa Laundry Makeover

Our homeowners were in desperate need of a laundry makeover. However, they attempted to rescue their space but were left with a  ‘DIY half finished disaster’. Here’s how Howards came to the rescue:

  • Set of Elfa shelves in white with décor timber trims. For instance, these hang from a single top track that additional components can be hung from at a later date.
  • Wall mounted ironing board
  • Foldaway wall mounted airer
  • Collection of organisers and basket-ware for the shelves and existing cupboards.







Sonia’s Extensive Laundry Makeover

Firstly, using a combination of Elfa components, the Howards team helped convert Sonia’s laundry into an amazing space that she is now incredibly proud of. The solutions didn’t just focus on her laundry. Therefore, we created a supreme solution by adding a family distribution station in the utility room next door.

Easy-build Over Washer Laundry Solution

Firstly, with the versatility of Easy-Build, you can create almost anything. Therefore, this Easy-Build unit has been constructed by the Howards team to solve any storage issues.

View the solution HERE.

Rental Property Laundry Makeover

Here at Howards we love a makeover! Firstly, the joy is in seeing how a few of our simple solutions can completely transform a space. As a result, improve the day-to-day functionality of a home. Therefore, some time ago we teamed up with My Mummy Daze blogger to overhaul her laundry. However, we we’re challenged by the position of the laundry. The fact that she needed a makeover within a rental property and no existing workflow. Hence, the Howards team got to work!

This makeover used an Elfa shelving system, along with Laundry Accessories to create this neat & tidy space.

In conclusion, Howards are laundry organisation experts. Therefore, pop into your local Howards store with the dimensions of your space as well as a photo on your smart phone. For instance, our team can recommend the best products and guide you towards a perfect solution for your needs.

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