Less Work. More Cheer.

Strategies and Tips to Prepare for Guests.

Have you committed to hosting Christmas this year? Perhaps you’ve arranged for interstate visitors to come and stay. Either way, the summertime signals the start of festive catch ups, impromptu entertaining and a string of people through the house. Therefore, a little prep now could easily save you a frantic rush come December. Moreover, starting is half the battle so prepare a checklist, stay calm and prepare for guests!

Furthermore, some smart organisation now will ensure that your December has less work and more cheer. Sound good? Let’s go!

Organise The Pantry

Firstly, not only will an organised pantry streamline the prepping and cooking process throughout the entertaining months, it makes it easy for other people to navigate their way around your space and ‘help out’. For instance, an organised pantry is so much more than tidy shelves and containers. It’s about ensuring high use items are easily at hand. Therefore, it’s not a difficult task and it’ll make the world of difference to prepare for guests:

  • Separate clutter creators from problem solving items.

    If you have cans of diced tomatoes and creamed corn stacking up since way back when or if you’re hanging onto appliances that you are not using, clear them out.

  • Group similar items together and create various ‘zones’ within your pantry.

    This will allow you to better identify the item you’re after and maximise space (including the rear of the pantry where items often disappear).

  • Create an archive zone for bulk food storage.

    Use quality storers with handles for safe and easy access up high. Airtight lids will seal in freshness and optimise shelf life. Howards have a range of specialty storers for everything from bottles to bulk flour.

  • Create a reserves zone for storing reserves of dry goods.

    Choose airtight containers such as OXO pops; they come in a range of sizes, they’re stackable with press button airtight seal lids and can be built piece by piece into a full collection.

  • Label your containers

    This way there will be no confusion and everyone will be able to use your system.

Sort Out The Fridge

Next stop? The fridge. For instance, we tend to store an abundance of extra food and drink in the lead up to Christmas so it’s essential that items are easy to access and the space within your fridge is used to its full potential. Therefore, take stock of what’s inside your fridge and get organised with these simple solutions:

Marie Fridge Baskets:
Group food and maximise space with these large and small organisers.

Amalie Pullout Organiser:
Clear and easily accessible these are great for grouping foods.

Keep Fresh Cartridge

Keep Fresh:
Keep your veggies fresh longer! This innovative cartridge absorbs ethylene gas (which is the natural hormone that promotes ripening).

With so much extra food around at this time of year, you’re likely to need a few additional quality containers for leftovers! We recommend:

Décor Matchups: Thanks to its soft silicone seal, these containers are airtight and leak proof.  Moreover, skillfully engineered for use in the microwave, the lid utilises a clever air vent designed to release steam once food has been reheated. Incidentally, colour match your lid with base, whatever size container you’re using.

Refresh The Bathroom

If you’re expecting guests you can guarantee they’re going to need access to the bathroom. Whether you’re after a fresh approach to your space or you’re dreaming of what a little extra storage could do, prepping your guest bathroom is a great excuse to go through the cupboard behind the vanity, declutter your drawers and reassess what’s working and what’s not.

1.The Vanity

The easiest way to prepare for guests is adding a few quality organisers will make the vanity look a little more glamorous and welcoming.

Check out the iDesign Range for a few handy organisers.
2.  IN-DRAWER storage organisers 

Often a forgotten space, the drawers in a bathroom really can streamline a space.

For a wide drawer, the Linus Drawer Organisers are modular, available in a variety of sizes and have rubber feet to keep them from moving.

Like -It Drawer Organisers are ventilated and modular so can be configured to fit any drawer.

3. Our IN-SHOWER storage solutions include:

An Over the Door Splash Shower Caddy offers in-shower storage (for hair care, beauty products, soaps and shavers) as well as out-of-the-shower storage (great for extra towel hanging space!)

EvoVac house a number of great products. Moreover, these improved rust resistant quality accessories hold up to 15kg, they are easy to remove/clean and require NO tools to install. Therefore, try doubling your storage with the EvoVac Suction Bathroom Corner Basket – Black – it’s ideal for busy bathrooms. The EvoVac Suction Bathroom 2 Tier Shower Caddy – Black is great for extra shower storage, whilst the EvoVac Suction Bathroom Double Utility Hook – Chrome will house your loofah, face washer.

See how it all works here:

Prepare for Guests: The Spare Room

What’s currently in your spare room? Perhaps it’s become a dumping ground for kid’s toys, maybe it houses a bed as well as a built-in that’s filled with out of season clothing and shoes. Subsequently, it’s time to declutter and archive so you can create a sanctuary for your visitors!

In addition, our top picks for archiving items in your spare room to prepare for guests are:

The Easi-Store Underbed Box: This is ideal for storing toys, linen and more. It too has a locking lid and wheels and it’s also stackable.

The Large Storage Bag Organiser: This soft PVC with zip top is perfect for storing extra blankets.

Space Bags: Available in many shapes and sizes, they’re airtight, watertight, reusable and they’ll help triple your storage space.

With the archiving complete, have a play around with the remaining space…

Don’t have a wardrobe in your spare room? Subsequently, we have a number of portable wardrobe solutions, which you could combine with a series of Storage Totes, Clear Store Sweater Drawers and plenty of spare hangers. Therefore, pop a Luggage Rack in the corner of the room and your guests will have the perfect place to stow their suitcase! In addition, this makes it super easy to prepare for guests, no matter the numbers!

If there’s an existing bed in this room, now’s the time to dress it with fresh sheets, a new doona and place a couple of fresh towels and a face washer at the end of the bed.

Firstly, create a place for your guests to hang their bath towels or coats with an over-the-door hook. In addition, with no installation required this is a quick way to utilise the space behind the door!

Finally, add a few personal touches to warm the space. Therefore, think flowers, a candle, a new magazine or two and a bedside lamp. Additionally, consider placing one of our baskets or totes in the bedroom and filling it with a blow dryer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand cream, nail file, toothpaste, floss, tissues, Panadol and any other “just incase you forgot yours”. Generally, these items will ensure your guests feel completely welcome and right at home.

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Updated March 2021.