Love Howards? Become a Franchisee!

Buying a business franchise is a life-changing step, so it’s reassuring to know that Howards is as organised with its franchising program as it is with its home storage and organisation products and advice!

Daniel Jordon, Australia Operations Manager, oversees the programme and is one of the first points of contact for would-be franchisees.

“We make it easy,” he says. “We’ve got a very robust operations manual that provides the recipe you need to follow. Provided you follow that recipe you’ll improve the odds for success. That’s the key to franchising – it’s all about the proven model.”

In fact, the system is so easy to follow that you don’t need to have decades of retail experience to consider running your own Howards store.

“Our franchisees are people from all walks of life. We’re not specifically looking for people who have been there and done that, you can come from any background.

“Most of our franchisees begin as customers. They’ve started by coming into the store and loving all the different product solutions, then been inspired to go further.”

As you might expect, reliable systems and well-thought-out processes are the reason that Howards’ franchises are so successful.

“We’ve got all the tools so it’s up to us to help franchisees reach their potential,” explains Chad. “We’re here to help.”

That help begins with a five-week training program at an established store before the franchisee goes into their own store, creating a safe and supported environment for learning.

The help doesn’t stop once the initial training period ends. As the weeks and months roll on, visual merchandising experts will help coach the new team on the optimum way to display products, the IT team will be on hand to help with point of sale services and IT support and a training manager will facilitate training both in store and online.

Above and beyond all that, there’s professional buyers continually scouring the globe for the latest, most cutting-edge products to excite customers, while the marketing department in Sydney co-ordinates an world class rewards programme, award winning catalogues, EDMs, social media programme, website content and more to increase customer loyalty and drive people in store.

Uniquely, if customers choose to buy via the Howards website, franchisees don’t miss out as the profits from the site are shared among the stores.

It’s a whole league ahead of many franchise systems. “We’ve worked hard to create an infrastructure for franchisees that takes the guesswork out of the key elements,” says Chad. “All that is required is to implement the programmes that have been created. The franchisees challenge is to focus on using the tools provided. Then it’s really easy for them.”

With 30 franchise stores already going strong in Australia – perhaps you could be the person behind the 31st!

For more information on franchising opportunities call Howards on 02 9452 8888 or click here (