Bathroom Blitz – Woogs World Makeover

To set the scene, Mrs. Woog had recently moved from a house containing two large bathrooms to a home with one small bathroom. In order to maintain control of this smaller space, organisation was essential.

So we sent in the cavalry, namely, Howard’s Organisation Expert, Cathy Player to commence the overhaul using our STOP. SORT. SOLVE methodology…


What was the major problem with this space?

With very little storage, the bathroom was nonfunctional. The space needs to serve 3 boys, Mrs Woog and her wealth of product (most of which was stored in filing boxes in her bedroom as it didn’t fit in the bathroom).


Together Cathy and Mrs. Woog pulled everything out of the bathroom and sorted it into groups of:

  • Frequently used
  • Sometimes used
  • Hardly ever used
  • The rubbish/rehome pile.


Then, with a clear view of what needed to be stored we set to work SOLVING the space challenge. We started with vanity cupboard; to save on space cotton buds and balls were removed from their original packaging and stored in the Allure Stackable Cubes and the Allure Cotton Tip & Ball Caddies. Our range of Linus Caddies came to the rescue to house various systems such as: everyday medical (Band aids, Panadol), the plucking/tweezing/scissors category, bathroom cleaningskincare and makeup brushes; while the Allure Lipstick and Cosmetic Organiser ensures easy access and visibility to Mrs. Woog’s makeup (perfect for the everyday!)

If the space behind your mirror is crying out for some attention, refer to our Behind the Vanity Mini Blitz for a step-by-step guide.

Next stop, the bath. By simply adding an Aquala Bath Caddy, and two Everloc Towel Rails to the bath area, this space was quickly and effectively transformed into a sanctuary. While the bathroom rubbish is now taken care of with a new Simplehuman Bin.

Our Marie Fridge Baskets (in medium) came in handy under the sink. These baskets enable Mrs Woog to maximise the full depth of the cupboard, allow easy accessibility and will keep items grouped: as do the Linus Long Shallow Organisers. Add to that two Umbra Hide n Sinks, (a handy caddy that hooks over the cupboard door – they’re perfect for storing hair and beauty products) and the space under the sink is in perfect order.

To restore order to the vanity top we combined a Hush Bathroom Set in white (which included a soap dish, dispenser, tumbler, canister, toilet brush and toilet roll holder) with an Everloc Towel Ring as there was no hand towel ring. The NEW Everloc range uses a powerful push and lock vacuum seal to attach to the wall (no drilling required!). We installed an extendable mirror between the vanity and window; perfect for when you need to pluck those eyebrows with plenty of natural light!

Improving the storage value of the vanity unit drawers, we used a range of Linus Tall Organisers and a Linus Pullz Caddy. All will keep items grouped, easily visible and accessible. If you need a detailed checklist on how you can overhaul your bathroom drawers, refer to our Bathroom Top Drawer Mini Blitz for a step-by-step guide.

In the shower a simple yet effective Everloc Endure Stainless Steel Corner Basket was added as an in-shower storage solution, while a Simplehuman Twin Shampoo and Conditioner Caddy was installed to add a little (organised) glamour to the fold.

With her bathroom blitz complete, Mrs. Woog and her boys are able to enjoy a fully functional bathroom with a number of clever storage solutions. Now that’s something to write about…