be a fun mum Playroom Makeover

There’s always a space in every household that presents a storage / aesthetic challenge. For Be A Fun Mum blogger and Howard’s fan Kelly, it was her children’s playroom (or rather, lack of playroom!). For the love of all things functional and fun, we joined forces to overhaul this area and create an organised, child friendly toy haven…

Challenge #1 – The kids!

With 4 of them in total, the playroom needs to house a number of toys.

Challenge #2 – The position of the playroom!

There’s simply no room in the children’s bedrooms for toys, however, the playroom is a walk through area between the kitchen and lounge/TV room so space is limited.

Challenge #3 – Aesthetics

It’s all about balance! This area needs to inspire and encourage play AND look great from the kitchen and the living room perspectives.

Challenge #4 – Accessibility

Kelly needs a system that’s simple for the kids to access and easy to pack away.

 The Plan:

Maximise storage space by utilising vertical wall space and streamline the area with the help of elfa and a few of our trusty Howards accessories.

Step 1: Sort toys into “keep, throw away or giveaway” groups.

We encouraged Kelly to pull everything out, sort into groups and prioritise which items needed the most accessibility. If you’re doing this makeover at home, remember, be ruthless and give or throw away unused or unwanted items!

Here’s where we suggested removing a few toys for a while (which Kelly stored in a large Easi-store Underbed Box on wheels). Pull these out on a rainy day and the kids will get a renewed kick out of them when they “find” them again! The beauty of these boxes is that they have a lockable lid, they’re stackable and as the name suggests, they can fit perfectly under a bed!

Step 2: Create two reading zones.

Kelly’s family love books and with reading time a priority, creating two reading zones was a must. By drilling spice racks to the walls and filling with their fave stories, Kelly was able to create an easy to access zone for books in what she’s deemed, ‘the reading corner’. And the second reading zone? By using Dekorkubes (versatile, stackable shelves), Kelly created a mini bookshelf, which the kids just love.

Step 3: elfa to the rescue!

The key to keeping this area organised was to create accessible fun storage. Enter elfa, namely 3 elfa 7 Runner Mesh 4 Drawer Stand Alone Units in white. We chose elfa because it’s built to last, has a 10-year guarantee, a range of different finishes and it’s simple to install. What’s more each drawer unit comes with a mix of small and medium mesh baskets enabling Kelly to store different sized activities in each drawer.

At playtime Kelly’s kids can simply pull out one drawer at a time, they’re easy to pack away and toys remain concealed when not in use. The small mesh holes enable you to see what’s in each drawer without the items inside becoming an eyesore!

And have you ever noticed how many toys require batteries? Kelly included a battery storer with tester in one of her top drawers to prevent rummaging for batteries!

Step 4: The craft.

With 3 drawer units positioned side-by-side we created one long bench top. By placing two small Red/White striped totes and two small Navy Blue/White striped totes on either side of our cute mini buckets ad turntable, craft activities had a new, easy to access home. And what of the children’s masterpieces? A series of command hooks and skirt hangers above the drawer units provided an art display area where Kelly can hang the best of the week’s artwork.

Step 5: Add a splash of colour

With an abundance of Lego, our colourful Lego bricks provided a fun coloured storage spot!

The outcome? Well Kelly and her kids are “beyond thrilled with the result” which of course, we’re beyond thrilled about! We thought we’d check in with Kelly in a couple of months and see how the space is faring a little way down the track. We’ll keep you posted so stay tuned.

Do you have a storage challenge? Bring your sketches in-store and let one of our organisational experts help.

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