Creating a Homework Nook by The Organised Housewife

With 2014 upon us, many of us are getting the kids organised for a new school year. It got us thinking…with school comes an awful lot of permission slips, stationary, homework and books. So how could we help parents (and their children!) combat the paperwork? With a dedicated Homework Nook of course!

We teamed up with mum of three, blogger extraordinaire and Howards Ambassador, The Organised Housewife to put the idea into motion…

A seasoned organiser, The Organised Housewife had a reader that had previously stored homework related items in a storage unit in her dining room. With her ‘homework nook’ one of the most useful areas in the household, it was ripe for a new framework and a few new clever organisers.

The Aim of the Homework Station:

  • To tidily store all school paperwork
  • For the kids to store items for their homework
  • To keep all school related items together
  • To store stationary

Step 1: Measure up!

With the designated area measured, the best framework for this space was the White 7 Runner Elfa System with Mesh Baskets and a Wooden Top.

Step 2: Fill the drawers!

With 4 drawers and a top shelf to play with we were able to stock the unit with ample stationary and supplies.

Top of Unit: A Craft Turn Table holds pens, pencils and crayons, while two File Holders keep the kids homework books and reading folders tidy.

1st drawer: Cadi Stackable Plastic Baskets store highlighters, sticky-tape, calculator, glue, scissors and other ‘go to’ items

2nd drawer: Two Clara Organiser Baskets hold the kids digital devices and earphones

3rd drawer: Two Clara Organiser Baskets house notepads and learning posters

Bottom drawer: Heavy items such as spare paper, reading and educational books reside here!

Clever Tip! Hooks on the side of the unit hold are home to the children’s school bags

Interested in creating your own Homework Nook? You’ll need:

White Frame Side Hook ELFA 7 Runner Frame

White Craft Turn Table

White Timber Top To Suit Elfa Frame

1 x White 1 Runner Mesh Basket

3 x White 2 Runner Mesh Basket

Stoppers For Drawers

1 x Cadi Stackable Large

1 x Cadi Stackable Medium

2 x Cadi Stackable Small

4 x Clara Organiser Basket Large

2 x Viola A4 File Holders

To view the Organised Housewife’s account of her Homework Nook project, go to