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  • elfa Wardrobe Makeover After

Keeping wardrobes organised and clutter-free can be a challenge at the best of times. But add three children under four to the equation and the results aren’t pretty.

Freelance writer, Felicity Bonello, juggles the demands of motherhood with work, so you can imagine her enormous relief when Howards answered her call seeking advice with a wardrobe solution she still describes as “Incredible!”

Two-and-a-half years ago, Felicity and her husband, Andrew, a carpenter, began their home renovation journey. “It’s always been my husband’s dream to build our house, but it’s been a real juggling act – especially when you’re having babies along the way.”

Realising the wardrobe wasn’t an immediate priority, Felicity tried to create some order in her home using portable racks.

“It was a temporary solution, but not a very organised one. I had trousers mixed with jumpers, mixed with T-shirts. We really needed to get an organised wardrobe – even if the rest of the house wasn’t done yet.”

And that’s where Howards stepped in with an elfa wardrobe solution.

“We designed our bedroom with a false wall to create a hidden wardrobe space and ensuite area. This gave us plenty of vertical space to install a wardrobe system and the guys from Howards jumped on that storage opportunity immediately – it was amazing to watch.”

The false wall area became the heart of the wardrobe solution using Swedish designed elfa. A hanging solution was installed with short and long sections to accommodate both Felicity’s and Andrew’s unique needs. This was separated by a central Shoe Library.  A key feature of the elfa system is that it attaches to the wall with a single top track. This allowed the load to be distributed across the wall.

The team also seized the opportunity to create a bank of drawers with a Birch dresser top for jumpers, underwear, shorts and more.  Her jewellery collection is now easy to see as it has a lovely new home on top of the dresser. Felicity points out with a cheeky grin, “I’ve got more space for any new additions that may arrive home from the sales!”

In addition to the standard elfa® ventilated shelves and hanging rails, the wardrobe makeover features specialty components like gliding shoe shelves and a trouser rack, plus an efficient pull out tie rack  – a favourite with Felicity’s husband.

But that wasn’t the only surprise in store for Andrew and Felicity, who soon rediscovered clothes they hadn’t seen in months all because they could now see them. All clothes were hung on premium-quality fine-flocked hangers that don’t take up much room.

“Clothes don’t slip off them either, and they’re the perfect shape for T-shirts. Plus, they don’t leave any of those indentations on the shoulders. We also chose gorgeous timber hangers for our jackets and coats.”

The new-look wardrobe has even provided Felicity with more inspiration to get organised and stay organised.

“Now that everything is so ordered and beautiful, I really want it to stay that way, so we’ve bought those great little PVC covers that fit over our coats and special-occasion clothes to keep the dust off.”

The shoes and boots are also enjoying some well-deserved TLC.

“I have a shoe library now, which is crazy – but the gliding shoe racks are a dream. They hold up to nine pairs per rack and my shoes are easy to find. We spend money on our shoes, so we need to take care of them. They’ll just last longer if you look after them.”

Felicity was particularly impressed with the little touches Howards added to the makeover.

“On the top shelf of our wardrobe, the Howards team added ‘an archive zone’ for all our odds and ends. It’s a whole series of boxes, one for each child. They’re perfect for keepsakes. All the children’s sweet little notes and drawings have a home now.”

When we asked Felicity to tell us about life after the makeover, she didn’t know where to begin.

“It’s streamlined everything so beautifully. I’m ready and the children are ready so much faster in the morning. I don’t do that mad last-minute rummage looking for stuff when I’m in a hurry. It’s all there – visible and accessible. And not only that, being able to see everything means that I can declutter quickly – it’s made the process of recycling or giving clothes away easier.”

The makeover has even resulted in an unusual new ‘love affair’ for Felicity.

“Well, I use to have what I call an un-system. Clothes were strewn everywhere, so I hated putting washing away. But now my laundry workflow is so fast. Putting clean clothes away has become a little bit of a joy. Maybe I’ll start loving laundry days!’

Click here to see the full elfa design, including all the components used. This design was created by a Howard’s elfa expert who completed a free design, measure and quote for Felicity and Andrew.  For a small additional fee, Felicity also had the Howards team install the elfa system saving her time and effort.

For a fast overview of the installation process and for a candid interview with Felicity, click here to view our behind the scenes video including time lapse images of the installation.

If you would like more information about elfa from Howards Storage World, click here to view the elfa section of the Howards Website which includes picture galleries, planning guides and more resources such as installation videos to help you on your way to a perfect solution.

And remember, we are always here to help in-store.  Bring in your measurements with a few photos and use our free design service to your local store. Or if you prefer, we can also come to you for an obligation free design, measure and quote. Furthermore, elfa is backed by a10 year guarantee so you can be confident that it’s built to last.

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