elfa wardrobe makeover

It was Howards and our elfa solution to the rescue for one of our lucky customers who won a complete elfa wardrobe overhaul. By combining elfa customised shelving with some great Howard’s storage solutions our winner was organised in an instant…Here’s how we did it.

When the team arrived we were greeted with… a good old-fashioned challenge. To put it plainly, a serious cull was in order. Fortunately our wardrobe winner was a good sport and a quick decision maker!

Once complete, we grouped like items (think jumpers, t-shirts, knits, jeans, dresses etc) and addressed the biggest problem with the wardrobe – it’s lack of structure – by introducing an elfa shelving system to the scene.

Ok, before we go on, we admit it… Here at Howards we unashamedly love elfa. Because frankly, what’s not to love? More than just a standard system, it’s Swedish designed, built to last, flexible, completely customisable, comes with a 10-year guarantee, a range of different finishes, it’s so simple to install and it’s impact on your life? Well, the word “huge” springs to mind.

So with elfa by our side we created his and her hanging areas, each with three shelves above to be used as various archive zones. This enabled us to lift everything from the floor, to above waist height. (Remember visibility and accessibility is key!)

At the centre of the wardrobe we incorporated elfa slide-out baskets (again, one set for him and another for her!) to store smaller often used items like underwear/gym gear/socks.

Neatly above these baskets we created a zone for shoes (shoes should be kept at eye level so you don’t waste time rummaging in the bottom of your wardrobe behind clothes), a zone for handbags (why not make them a design feature!) and a third zone for archive items like doonas and luggage.

With the makeover complete, the key to keeping this wardrobe shop-like, is to maintain the order. Our trusty winner has assured us she will spend 2 minutes each day putting clothes away.

Now it’s your turn…


A few helpful hints:

  1. Hold onto those items that work well with your hair and skin tones.
  2. Hang onto styles that are most flattering to your figure.
  3. Protect your spare doonas from dust and moths by storing them in one of our handy compactor storage boxes.
  4. Protect your shoes (they’re investments after all) and extend the life of each pair with proper shoe storage. Check out our range available online.
  5. Give your wardrobe an instant update and preserve the natural shape of your clothing with new hangers. Howards is a hanger specialist; view our entire hanger range in-store

Remember cutting clutter is liberating.