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Here at Howards, we love a makeover. For us, the joy is in seeing how a few of our simple solutions can completely transform a space, and as a result, improve the day-to-day functionality of a home. We recently teamed up with My Mummy Daze blogger and Howards Ambassador, Fi, to overhaul her laundry, and didn’t we have fun!

Challenge #1

Fi’s laundry is positioned downstairs near the garage. In other words, it’s a matter of “out of sight, out of mind”. Getting dirty clothes from the bathroom to the laundry is hard. Getting clean clothes back out of the laundry and into each family member’s drawers is even harder.

Challenge #2

There was no workflow system. Fi did her washing is sporadic bursts, often no washing for days followed by a day of “catch up” loads which generally ended with dry clothes spilling out of the dryer and onto the laundry floor (until she had time to fold and distribute 5 loads! i.e. – very rarely.)

Challenge #3

Fi’s home is a rental property so we needed to implement a quality yet temporary/portable solution.

 The Plan:

Overhaul with elfa, a few accessories and implement a simple to follow laundry workflow.

Step 1: the elfa install.

We chose elfa because it’s built to last, completely customisable (Fi can add or take away components at any time), it comes with a 10-year guarantee, a range of different finishes and it’s simple to install.

Step 2: transporting clothes from the bathroom to the laundry

We simply added a water hyacinth laundry basket to the bathroom. The last person to use the bathroom each day takes the basket downstairs to the laundry. Simple.

Step 3: the sorting process

By adding two large elfa mesh storage bags (one for lights, the other for darks) to the elfa framework, sorting clothes became a cinch.

Step 4: the drying process

We placed a 42-rail airer (large enough to hold a full load of washing!) on castors, in the shower recess. This can easily be moved into the sunshine or into a larger space if needed.

Step 5: safety

We placed cleaning chemicals and other “keep out of reach of children items”, along with other laundry odds and ends in a number of water hyacinth baskets. We then stowed them up high. They look great and keep everything incredibly neat and tidy. (and away from little children!)

Step 6: the accessories!

cleaning caddylaundry powder tin and clothes peg tin served as a functional way to also “pretty” up the space!

Step 7: distribution

Possibly one of the least fun parts of the washing process is the “putting away” of clean clothes. We incorporated distribution baskets in the form of an elfa trolley to appease this part of the processComplete with castor wheels (so you can wheel it out to the clothes line if needed!) each member of the family is allocated their own basket. Fi ensures that no clothes get folded until these distribution baskets are emptied which prevent bottlenecks in the process.

So what does Fi think of all of this? She says, “I’m so pleased with the transformation. I never would have thought we could have got such an amazing result by changing just a few things and introducing the elfa organising system. It’s a huge relief to have a functional laundry and a clothes washing system that actually works! I honestly no longer feel swamped by washing anymore.”

What did we tell you? There’s the joy-part for us; and it’s all the reward we need.

If you’ve seen something you like, get the look with these products:

Laundry Shelving System: elfa System

Laundry Accessories: Water Hyacinth Large Hamper

Water Hyacinth Baskets (Medium)

Ultra Hiphold Laundry Basket 49L

Laundry Powder Tin (in white)

Peg Tin (in white)

Housekeeper Caddy (in white)

42 Rail Airer with Castors

Leifeit Laundry Pegs

For a detailed account of Fi’s laundry makeover, go to